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for Helpfulness with a Side of Spite

5/27/2020 c1 fairydaisypou
Absolutely loved this fic! Now I only hope the show does in fact properly punish Lila eventually even if it isn’t as amazing as your story
5/27/2020 c1 64Felicity
This is fantastic! I love how Lila is taken down in such an interesting way within this fanfic!
5/27/2020 c1 5Adena McGee
Loved the subtle salt on this one. Salt with restraint makes for a delicious revenge plate.
5/27/2020 c1 55MythGirl Writes
That idea is genius, a great way to catch her. That spite Ladybug had made me smirk, Lila definitely deserves it. As always, great fic!
5/27/2020 c1 SunshineMLB
A remarkably realistic and very satisfying end to the Lila problem. Thank you for this story!
5/27/2020 c1 KiernaRo
What a great story! I really enjoyed it.
5/27/2020 c1 1FunBug9731
what a great story! i loved this version of the lila takedown, it was perfect!
5/27/2020 c1 Divine Protector of Skyrim
This was amazing. I love the whole idea of helping someone out of spite. This has made my day.
5/26/2020 c1 514yellow 14
Revenge is sweet. Keep writing
5/26/2020 c1 1Jane the fan
Ah, seeing Lila getting exposed again..it never gets old!
5/26/2020 c1 1miraculously me
This is a fave now I just whish that Lila got expelled for what she did since she almost got marinette expelled she deserves worse to be honest I hate her scratch that I loathe her thanks for the ones hots and as always stay home stay safe
Bye for now my quarantine buddys
5/26/2020 c1 4Swirlspot
Gosh, you really be hate Lila. XD But I mean, so does everyone else!
5/26/2020 c1 30Neeko96
That makes sense. With how Lila's been doing, she's bound to flunk out of the grade and get caught! My hopes have been raised for canon!-
5/26/2020 c1 84KaliAnn
I'm glad you wrote about how much time and energy was wasted because of stupid people and naive teacher. Everyone has limits to their patience and with Ladybug at the end of hers it made for the funniest exposure yet.
5/26/2020 c1 5HopeGiver07
I loved this story, and it kept my interest through the whole thing. I enjoy how the plot was well written, and of course, exposed Lila. I also enjoyed how you had an original plan, and then grew off of that. I love it when Lila gets exposed. Keep up the great work, and stay miraculous!
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