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5/30 c1 ExDee LessThanThree
Looks like something happened to the less-than and greater-than characters in your HTML when you posted this, which makes the M in HTML stand for Mess instead of Markup. I was undaunted, however, because there are far too few Henry/Will stories out there, and also because... (Keanu Reeves voice) I know regular expressions.

It's short and sweet, and I can totally see Will recognizing his own copy of the album from the wear and tear on the case and not thinking to open it. I can also see Henry trying (and failing) not to be smug about the whole thing when Will realizes he *is* being dumb. Not sure how I missed this if it's a repost. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered reading it. Oh well, I got to read it now. Good job.

Now, fix up your HTML so people less nerdy than me can read it as intended. ;)

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