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6/1 c1 KMLongtimefan
Very nice after the credits fill in. Thank you!
5/29 c1 44Emmint
For a first effort I have to say you nailed Matt and Kitty's characters pretty good. I look forward to reading more of your stories.
5/27 c1 LovingmesomeMK
Is there more to come? Did she ride with Matt on Buck? Did they have quiet evening together
5/27 c1 21Gig889
very good. hope you do more.
5/26 c1 shirley waldrip
I have always wanted more of an ending to this story. It is one of my favorites. Of course I wanted more time for Matt and Kitty to be together without Chester. You have done a fine job with first story and I will look forward to more. Tis a crazy bunch of very talented people who love the the smell of GUNSMOKE! Jump right in and join us!
5/27 c1 parbo04
Love the story. Please add more chapters!
5/27 c1 52shari
Very good story. You portrayed everyone’s feelings perfectly
5/27 c1 photobuff57
Keep writing. I loved this story.
5/27 c1 57lostcowgirl
If you hadn't stated this your first effort at writing a GS story I wouldn't have known it. You've brought us a very plausible ATC to Kitty Caught. It's different from what I have in my own list of story ideas, but that's the beauty of this site. Everyone has their own take on what might happen when the cameras aren't rolling. Your ending might even be acceptable to TPTB who wanted to keep us guessing about how far our couple took their obvious attraction/love for each other.
5/27 c1 32ladybrit
I always thought this episode needed and for providing one.
5/27 c1 MaryRoseEllen
Very good first story, you captured the mood and the characters perfectly. Keep writing!
5/26 c1 53Shellecah
I think "Kitty Caught" is an incomplete episode, too. I enjoyed your aftermath scene. It makes a good ending in keeping with what comes before. Would like to see more stories from you.

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