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for Vignettes of Love: The Turner Family

8/24 c4 8Lady Levinson Turner
Aww! Tha t was so amazing!
7/11 c3 Lady Levinson Turner
Aww I love this! I love how worried Patrick is and how Shelagh hides it because that is so like her!

I am glad you have posted again, these stories put a smile on my face with each new chapter, you are an amazing writer! xxx
6/12 c1 Lady Levinson Turner
Hello, this second chapter is amazing yet again, but the code thing is still there, sorry x

Excellent otherwise! xxx
5/27 c1 Lady Levinson Turner
I was able to make out the story which was excellent and I really want a sequel but at the beginning of each paragraph is something that looks like code, you might want to have a look at that. X

Other then that it is really a great story! I would love more updates! xx

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