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12/12/2021 c1 191XFangHeartX
God, I just loved this one. I love it when they're in situations like this! This was so perfect and both Natsu and Lucy felt so in character!
12/12/2021 c1 The Marvell
9/24/2021 c1 I want to read fanfic
Aww this was so sweet! I love Max and how Gray and Gajeel were teasing him I loved it
6/5/2021 c1 Guest
4/14/2021 c1 Guest
Ah, so cute! I absolutely love that the roles are reversed cause that's actually so funny.
4/14/2021 c1 Velpecula
Awwww this made my heart melt. The two of them is just so cute!
7/12/2020 c1 9PinkyZiel
I really like this story. So much cuteness! Especially Natsu! I love you so much right now! Thank youuuuu
6/6/2020 c1 Minsie
I really love how Lucy wasn't forcing Natsu to behave in any way. Someone's gotta appreciate the food there and everyone else dancing wasn't!

Very cute story
6/2/2020 c1 3smn66
This was sooooo cuteeeee! I loved it!
5/30/2020 c1 93Jedi Jelsa777
Aww this was so stinkin cute! Loved it!
5/27/2020 c1 TheMillCity0fM0mbasa1303
Natsu: Mou!~ Stop playing with my feelings, Luce!
Lucy: *laughs at him*
Natsu:*grumbles* "women."
5/27/2020 c1 stellar-princess 77
oh this is tooo cuteee natsu is so adorable
5/27/2020 c1 Lucy H Lover
This was so adorable!
5/27/2020 c1 14MillennialStargazer
So good — I loved it !
5/27/2020 c1 Amanny
Sweet story
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