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for To Know the Enemy is to be Manipulative

6/4 c1 spiderfan
hey there been binge watching old films and then checking fanfics and had an idea for you saw you wrote phone booth crossover fics so my idea marvel j jonah jameson in the phone booth scenario forced to confess all his wrong doings against spiderman too often he gets away with it just because his money doesn't come from drugs he wont get taken down like the kingpin would for building killer robots to attack a hero and slander his reputation
6/1 c1 28Childhood Enigma
We all knew Shang Tsung was to NEVER be trusted. This is a very awesome perspective from Fire God Liu Kang's point of view.
5/27 c1 Guest
Have to admit Lui Kang really play a good move
On Shang smug look when Shang
Tsung found out just killed me.

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