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for Rebirth in KurokoNoBasket

7/7 c31 Guest
Really enjoyed this though I doubt it will get anymore updates. Still really enjoyed it.
2/26 c31 luhenn
Hii, this story is amazing! hoping for an update after chapter 194 soon!
10/16/2021 c1 D4nTheM4n
There are 200 chapters in Webnovel but, unfortunately, the last update was 1 year ago.
8/27/2021 c31 Angelina Laura
When is the next chapter
8/27/2021 c22 yochan123
Man I love that line from haikyuu
8/27/2021 c16 yochan123
Become a Jack of all trades and a master of all trades!

But seriously grrrr he needs to get taller than Kiyoshi
8/27/2021 c12 yochan123
Curious why shun didn’t make himself much taller from the start hmm
8/27/2021 c11 yochan123
I’m curious why shun didn’t make himself taller from the get go
8/27/2021 c9 yochan123
I’m very curious which high school he will go to. Which king or miracle he will fight with on his team.

Hope he becomes more OP _
8/27/2021 c8 yochan123
I’m glad you’re making the scores more realistic. It annoyed me greatly how so many matches ended in a difference of 1 or 2 points in the manga/anime! Like BRUH -_-
8/27/2021 c6 yochan123
Yeah it would be pretty unepic for the top two schools to take each other out in the prelims
8/27/2021 c4 yochan123
Well I guess perfect copy is much more versatile than akashi’s emperor’s eye though I hope he can manage to recreate emperor’s eye too which is frickin OP
8/27/2021 c3 yochan123
It’s amazing that he spent 3 wishes and two were for the sake of basketball lol…definitely jealous. I would have wished to have power and wealth
8/27/2021 c2 yochan123
Lol I’m so jealous. Man if I had this chance…hmm…I’m maybe I’d want to be in the Pokémon world. Idk
8/15/2021 c31 vishell12
Please Update!
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