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4/30 c12 Akidreader
I think I’ve met your Wattpad account
3/11 c12 7Mysteryfan17
I understand RL and writer's block are the WORST combo in the world. I look forward to when both ease up on both of us. Hope you've stayed safe too.
3/11 c11 Mysteryfan17
Awwwwwwwww, my heart. :) NEXT!
3/11 c10 Mysteryfan17
I can kinda tell you never took one and I live in the US too but while I've never needed one myself, my brother drives an ambulance and my mom was an RN so with broken ribs, whether confirmed or just precaution, they would have been wrapped ASAP right there and she would have been reclined on the bed to take pressure off because, as you said, shifting/movement could result in internal injury so if you wanna keep her able to move as easily as she did and be allowed to climb into the back on her own power, replace with 'cracked ribs' because the possibility of further injury by movement is still there but not as immediate and would still be frowned upon (definite AMA (Against Medical Advice) or you can have her get on the bed for the ride (and one of the paramedics would be in the back with her as well). Whether you adjust or leave it as possible negligence or slacking from her downplaying her injury is up to you. I tend to allow for the character doing their own thing rather than blaming the author cause characters in my experience like to overrule us writers sometimes so in my head, as it's written, Sandi might be lax from being used to Miraculous Ladybug fixing things so often and no longer being by the book. :)
12/9/2021 c10 9Wise Lion 17
Of I were Chat (Adrian) right now I would pay little Miss Liar a visit and give thorough example of what a Cataclysm could do, serves her right. I know it's very heroic, but you can't say she doesn't deserve it, bc Marinette does not deserve that girl's BS. This is a great fanfic! Kinda funny how she doesn't realize that her new BF is/was actually her crush. *chuckles amusedly*
12/9/2021 c3 Wise Lion 17
Don't argue with elderly women children. They can see more then you both ever will *chuckles thoughtfully*.
12/9/2021 c4 Wise Lion 17
Oh. Come. On! The 'similarities' aren't glaring enough for her. Hehe, I find this fic funny. I am disappointed in Alya though, looks like Ms. Rena got hoodwinked by a fake fox eh?
11/7/2021 c10 Melody rose
I’ve ridden in an abulance before haha. They don’t let you sit up actually. They have you laying down on a gurney and they also put a neck brace on so you can’t move your neck. They don’t want you moving just in case you have any other injuries(some could be internal) I thought I would tell you my experience I was backed over by a trailer when I was younger. Anyways your story is good and I like it! I get that some people don’t know what happens in an abulance and honestly it’s hard to keep track of when you have to go in one because you’re kind of in shock and you don’t really know what’s going on and everything is a blur.
9/16/2021 c5 Fan girl 39
You have no life? I have no soul I’ve read fanfic so much it’s too late for me
8/13/2021 c11 Guest
BEST. ENDING. EV-FUR (yes, that was a pun. I’m pun-bearable ) I honestly loved this fic. I came here for Chats jacket, and stayed for Marinette and Adriens revenge (I also stayed for the reveal )
8/13/2021 c9 Guest
Admittedly, what Lie-la said to Marinette hurt to read, AND THEN I READ EVERYTHING ELSE, I might’ve been rubbing my hands together evilly in my mind at the end. The look on Lie-las face when Adriens plan (inevitability) works is gonna be PRICELESS!
4/10/2021 c12 KandC4life
Loved your story and even if you don't write a sequel imo the ending is wonderful
11/26/2020 c12 Decker389
I really liked it. Thanks.
10/16/2020 c10 geekqueen2010
*Also, there's no wall blocking the front seats to the degree that the EMTs wouldn't have heard them talk.
10/16/2020 c10 1geekqueen2010
I'm guessing that you don't have Medicaid or Medicare then? I've been in an ambulance before without having to pay for it. I had broken my ankle at the time.
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