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for RWMtB: Ever After

7/31 c7 MammaNita4
Love to hear that Emily got taken down a notch, but would've love it more if Leah beat the shit out of her or Emily went to jail.
7/29 c7 brankel1
Amazing. Don't trust Emily.
7/29 c7 cazois
This confrontation proved that Sam never loved Emily. And Emily never loved Sam. Obsessed yes, but Emily put her happiness over Sam’s feelings. That’s not love at all. Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/28 c7 Cacau Black
Emily had been kicked out Sam's and Leah's life. They have a loveble family and Emily has to respect that.
I loved Leah threatening Emily. Go Leah go!
7/28 c7 11April-Showers82
I'm so glad the whole problem with Emily was well
7/28 c7 corkykellems
Loved it...Hopefully She will leave them alone and Not try to get to the Baby...great Update Thanks
7/9 c6 brankel1
7/8 c6 MammaNita4
Nice one
7/8 c6 Cacau Black
Jake and Bella together are so cute.I hope everything will be all right ar their vacation.
7/8 c6 corkykellems
What a Cute Couple..Thanks
7/8 c6 4Gracie04
I loved this chapter! Jake and Bella are just too cute! They will have a marvelous time at Disney World with their family. Thank you for updating! Loved it!
7/7 c6 6silkyjacob
I also love this chapter . The trip to Disneyland would be superb.
The cuddles send me over the edge.
7/7 c6 cazois
What a sweet scene! I have a feeling that Jake is really a kid at heart. This trip will be a joy for the whole family. I can’t wait for more!
7/7 c6 ballabi000
Amazing. I also love this one. The cuddles send me over the edge. SO CUTE!
7/7 c5 ballabi000
I loved it. Five stars. Super cute.
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