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12/14/2020 c28 LadyPhoenix68
pop announcement to here when you start the next part.
12/7/2020 c28 29Sakura Lisel
When you do the sequels, any chance Dumbledore and Snape and anybody else in school are going to try and bring up the whole ‘Diana is Hari Potter’ thing with Diana again? *lol* for all THEY know IF she was REALLY ‘Hari Potter’ the reason that she keeps ‘denying’ it is because SHE doesn’t know the ‘truth’ about herself. I mean come on. She’s’s been ‘missing’ since the night the Dursleys abandoned her. They really think whoever has been raising her, especially if the finders were clueless muggles, since then somehow KNEW who the little girl they found and were raising truly is? Let alone knew what her ORIGINAL name was if the Dursley’s didn’t bother leaving something to tell the finders what Hari’s old name was? That whoever the clueless muggles who were raising her wouldn’t give the NAMELESS baby they found a BRAND NEW name that ‘Hari Potter’ would have grown up with instead?
12/7/2020 c28 Kyr
Lovely story.
I enjoyed the twist on the Sarah relationship so off-shoots would be welcomed.
You have made this story your own so how you incorporate Sirius into her life, takes down Voldie, and Albus.
At this point, it feels more yours with the faeries and goblins so I will be interested in where the labyrinth ends.
Thank you for sharing.
11/29/2020 c28 Di
Want to see Dumbdoor get as handed to him...
11/27/2020 c28 Jacki
Truly love and enjoy this series personally I'm looking forward to fourth year in the tribe wizard tournament I'm also quite interested into the knowledge realizing Neville is her God brother and maybe if there's something she could do to help his parents
11/23/2020 c28 twirubyfan18
I enjoyed this 1st story. Looking forward to the sequel's.
11/6/2020 c27 Oricke
Love this story, can't wait for more
10/8/2020 c27 4HotStuffLilDev16
Best Labrinth/Harry Potter fanfiction I've read that I actually enjoy reading! I can not wait for more! I loved every word of it it is just so enthralling! Please do continue to write it
10/3/2020 c27 amg.supernatural
Love it!
9/28/2020 c27 Merlenyn
Bwahahahaha! XD Diana tried to set her sister up with Jareth despite knowing the possibility of her being his future queen and not heir? Just because she wants them to be happy? How sweet. But also how amusing. I can't wait until Sarah tells Diana that she's falling for Severus... does she know that Sarah's meeting the man? For all I know, Sarah could've just pieced together who Severus was from Diana's descriptions of her potions professor.

Also I love how Diana dealt with Riddle's shade. And I hope it doesn't take forever for her to find all his pieces. Couldn't they figure out how to use the one they have to track the others? Granted if Lucius continues like canon, the diary will appear at Hogwarts the next school year...

As for Kevin's father... oh man I can't wait to see what Diana does to the man and otherwise how she helps her friend and his mother and sister. And just how she intends for the man's soul to power some of the vault protections at Gringotts? XD Finding out that Flitwick in this fic is the son of the head of the Britain Gringotts branch and that he lowkey apparently lives in terror of upsetting his father is amusing too. Though the fear and awe he has over Diana AND his father now is even more amusing.

I'm loving Sal though and I wonder who he was... I wouldn't be too surprised if he ended up being actual Salazar or something otherwise related to that man, to the Arthurian legends, or to Norse myth considering he was most drawn to Salazar, Loki, and Arthur as names on the list Diana presented to him. I also love how when he thought about the freedom offered and being able to become who he was before he was imprisoned, he could only picture himself trying to conquer and rule and how he realized he didn't WANT that anymore but apparently knew he wouldn't be able to stop himself from falling down the same paths without help? Thus he decided to take advantage of the favor she owed him by binding himself to her service? Freedom to become a new person even if he's still bound to someone and their ideals? Though at least it's a willing servitude?

Also interesting to see that Irene has come around but not Bob... Bob the man who took Diana in with his ex-wife and now suddenly wants nothing to do with her due to magic... but I'm also glad she has and that Toby gets to talk to his beloved sister Diana and now even got to see her! :D I also love the neat explanation they gave for Toby's dreams of the castle and the king in his dreams and Diana being there... XD without placing the blame on Sarah. hehe

So Sirius is free and recovering... is the anger Sarah saw in him at the trial when Dumbledore was mentioned because he was told how the man was the one who told them all he was the Secret Keeper despite being the one to place the spell on Peter? And what was he told about his god daughter? Will we see him anytime soon and will Peter be caught or will he escape since there's no master for him to currently slink off to what with Voldy being kept in a lamp for the foreseeable future?

And will Ron (or others) do something stupid with their belief that Diana is Hari Potter? Hmm...
9/18/2020 c27 6Tahere-Ravenword
Fantastic story!Can't wait to read more!
9/15/2020 c27 4Tempest S
I am enjoying this story. It's well written, I haven't seen any obvious mistakes, and while a whole lot hasn't happened, it's still a pleasant read.
9/15/2020 c18 Tempest S
"whatever he needs to be to stay by my side." Does that mean he can change to fit in down the line in different circumstances? Like if she transferred to an all girls school, would he then turn into a girl so he can still stay by her side?
9/7/2020 c27 1Sakihinata
9/2/2020 c27 Floating Ash
Aaaahhhh... I, also, shipped Jareth/Sarah. But then I saw that one part with Sarah/Severus. Glad u gave us, the readers, and them, the characters, a clean break. Though, kind of sad, it was good. *thumbs up* Awesome!
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