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7/29/2020 c24 starrat
I liked it looking forward to the next chapter
7/5/2020 c24 18IAmOutOfIdeas
More please :)

This story is wonderful. I’m loving every second of reading it
7/5/2020 c24 13foxchick1
Loving this, and I am excited to see what happens next.
7/2/2020 c24 jafr86
Great story, I am glad to have found it and I hope you continue with it.
6/25/2020 c24 twirubyfan18
(gasp) I'm looking forward to the next chapter
6/24/2020 c24 James Birdsong
I can consider this good
6/24/2020 c24 Ana Luisa
Me encantó muy divertido excelente hermoso bello
6/23/2020 c23 Ana Luisa
Hermoso bello muy bien me fascinó
6/23/2020 c23 7Aqua Lilly
You forgot to list the second condition Diana had.
6/23/2020 c20 3Spidey-phd
You are probably aiming for a Jarith/Diana relationship but you are slowly starting to surround her with an impressive group of dedicated defenders. Add in a few more notable characters to fill out the set a bit more and it will be hilarious to watch the reactions of potential suitors.

You already have the Goblin King and a ancient Sorcerer. So who next...?

Frankenstein's Monster! Only not the bestial and clumsy brute so often seen in popular media. The monster was actually supposed to be brilliant (Self-taught in two languages in the first year after his "birth". Very articulate and eloquent in multiple languages and remarkable adept with multiple sciences through self-study and research by the end of the book). He could theoretically easily have taken over his creator's research. He could be a leading expert in necromancy, bio-engineering, and/or mundane-magical compatibility. Possibly moved east following his "death" so potential ties to Durmstrang?

Werewolf prince/princess. The werewolves of the HP-verse have very few options. They are heavily persecuted by the British Government, deprived of rights and legal protections, unfairly accused and convicted of crimes, etc. That a sadistic monster like Fenrir Greyback is considered their leader is very telling of the werewolves situation. But what if another werewolf was secretly attending Hogwarts? A peer/fellow student with Diana? Befriending and assisting one student could send ripples throughout the werewolves of Great Britain. Perhaps uniting the werewolves behind a different leader who is allied with the Goblins?
6/23/2020 c23 29Sakura Lisel
Diana should smack Draco especially after his 'whore' comment, and inform him and the other Slytherins to mind their own business concerning her 'relationship' with Sal. Lie and tell them that she and Sal have known each other for YEARS before they came to Hogwarts, and that she and Sal are FRIENDS for just as long as the reason why Sal is so protective of her, and that if the Slytherins don't like her hanging with Sal, that's THEIR problem not hers, because she's NOT dumping Sal just because a bunch of stuck up snobby brats don't like the idea of her hanging out with their new 'king' like THEIR opinions on the matter actually mean anything to either her OR Sal who's ALREADy showed the snakes what he will do to ANYBODY who insults or tries to hurt Diana, yet the snakes seem to still think they can try and bully her into abandoning Sal?
6/22/2020 c19 3Spidey-phd
I hope this doesn't come across as too harshly critical but Tobi seemed like a toddler in the movie, not a newborn. It's been 5 and a half years since then. A normal 6.5 years old child should have learnt their ABCs long previous.

Cute scene. But might consider changing if you ever go back for editing.
6/22/2020 c17 Spidey-phd
ROFL, I have a mental image of Ron excitedly rubbing the lamp expecting a buxom Arabian woman with a husky voice to ask what she can do to please her new Master. Instead a tall hairless pale man with fangs and glowing eyes will appear, possibly in the customary harem/belly dancer costume, and unleash a torrent of furious crucios on the hapless and horney lad.

(Yes, I'm a bit bipolar about Ron. Sometimes I think he was an important member of the Trio. The rest of the time however...)
6/22/2020 c6 Spidey-phd
A very sweet chapter. Love the sisters' relationship
6/22/2020 c3 Spidey-phd
LOL, a 6 year old confronted with a Catch 22. Should I commit to being a child-bride, agree to be the ward of a kidnapper and extortionist, or should I reject the Goblin King, who would likely direct the attention of worse supernatural beings my way in petty revenge? All excellent options and worthy of a plot arc on GoT.
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