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for The Reds VS Blue: New rookies from another world

12/4/2020 c12 4Monster King
Great job loved the story
12/2/2020 c1 Thatz mann
What?! This cross over make about as much sense as teletubbies smut.
12/1/2020 c13 SPARTAN-626
Well I must say a good ending to the first season in more then one way, thou you once AGAIN mixed up he and she related words for the wrong genders. But other then that nice job

Got some good humour when Tex attacked the Reds and Anna missed fired the rocket launcher and they all scream for their lives. So now the girls know the truth and pretty much more or less end their old lives and embrace their new ones, wonder if the two souls are starting to merge into one. So she was that voice, didn’t saw that coming. Nice preview at the end there and I’m 50/50 it bring the aliens or something you told me that involves a few of the girls

Looking forward to seeing the next season chapter
11/29/2020 c12 SPARTAN-626
Well this is most interesting and who is this mystery voice here, I wonder if its Genkins in a way or some other among the Cosmic Powers. So the girls will soon enough learn the truth of what happened to their old home, looking forward to seeing their reactions when they hear it. Now who will be knocked out I wonder. Nice work with how the girls, both separate people in each bodies, are interacting with the Reds and Blues and developing with each other and nice with mentioning my guy here and Im hoping we see him coming in sometime in the near future. Keep up the good work and hope to see more soon
11/2/2020 c3 Guest
Oh hey, a beta reader, nice, not many people have that, anyways, I bet this will be an amazing work, keep up.
11/2/2020 c2 Guest
Yo, while I may not have gone through your story enough, I can say for certain that everything is nice, but it just needs a editor, someone to double the spelling and grammar errors, anyways nice story
9/26/2020 c10 SPARTAN-626
Oh man you truly out did your self here with the action and this was a little dark and gory but man it’s a nice touch. Nice to see most of the original users of the bodies coming out here and wonder how the Kuroinu girls are dealing with being the prisoners in the body this time. And pretty accurate on what the original users say about the Kuroinu girls and the world they came from, especially what original Alicia said. Reason why I’m not saying the original users names is cause it’s easier for me to who I’m referencing

I love the fight between the sword and rock that gave me a good laugh and wonder if they will bring it up again later on. And good work with Maia teasing Simmons and Kaguya with kissing. Shame about her losing her hand. Man real Grace is gonna be scary I can already tell. Looking forward to seeing what will come next and how the action is gonna be like in the next chapter

As always great work here keep it up and hope to see more soon
8/15/2020 c9 SPARTAN-626
Well this one was pretty informative with Anna's body being Russian and Ruu-Ruu's being German. Didnt saw that coming with the two and I hope we get a translation on what the Ruu-Ruu's original bodies soul said.

So inner Prim is out and ready to kick some ass. Cant wait to see how that goes.
8/15/2020 c8 Guest
There are a number of grammatical and punctuation errors.
8/11/2020 c8 SPARTAN-626
Well that was an interesting start with seeing bit of Celestine’s bodies past. I loved the gangs reactions to seeing ghost Church, Cloe’s the most of all totally Scooby Do vibe. Ok Cloe and Tex will get along greatly together and Grace...I’m kinda worried about her but the little file on her that was shown kinda made sense as well good to know Cloe’s bodies past. Someone should probably watch over Caboose or he’s gonna be dead very fast. Wonder how the “reunion between Tex and Celestine will turn out and if they will right away try and kill each other or that’s for later.
7/10/2020 c7 SPARTAN-626
Another satisfying and enjoyable chapter. Really liked how you did the Kuroinu characters here in this episode and can’t wait for the next one and I’m so looking forward to seeing their reactions to “ghost” Church it’s gonna be gold. So that was interesting with Luca here, hope we see something like that with the other girls. Didn’t know she’s Locusts sister, that will be a interesting reunion when he comes in. Also as a suggestion for when O’Malley and maybe Church stagers taking over bodies maybe when/if the girls get possessed maybe the original users of theor new bodies would start taking more control of their bodies or whatever.
7/10/2020 c7 Monster King
Awesome loved the story please continue
7/8/2020 c6 11ENDDRAGON369
I can't wait to see more Caboose!
7/6/2020 c3 Axccel
That was actually a pretty good chapter! You've really got the hang of Red vs Blue and without just rehashing the show.
7/6/2020 c1 Axccel
Caboose is always best!
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