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for Nun to Nurse- a series of one-shots

8/21 c29 36MariaLujan
Happy fanfiker day! (I don't know the exact name haha)
My gosh for a moment I almost hit my phone because PATRICK WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU?
But then...ahhh it's just a nightmare. But I'm still scared. Shelagh, you lucky girl, you have Patrick but I haven't him to cure my fears hahah!
8/13 c27 MariaLujan
The last line struck me down!
I love stories where people find out about Shelagh's past (and she's so embarrassed. Come on girl, look who you married, that can't embarrass anyone!)
Angela, like every child, is curious and after making her mess she continues with her food, indifferent to everything. Well done baby!
8/11 c26 MariaLujan
Thanks for your dedication.
I love the relationship you have written between Shelagh and Trixie. It's what I want to see on the show and I never see.
7/30 c24 MariaLujan
Aww YOU are super kind, girl!
I don't like stories written in the first person but this one is so good! You captured all her feelings, congrats!
7/19 c23 MariaLujan
Just this morning I was wondering about you, and you came up with a new little story that I love!
7/9 c22 MariaLujan
These last two have been incredible, but the chapter about fears left me speechless, how well written it is!
7/5 c19 MariaLujan
Follow you is the best because everyday I have a little story to read and that make me smile :) so, thank you!
I think the fic you read is one in AO3, Eyes of Another. I love that fic, shows the insecurities in Shelagh.
7/4 c17 MariaLujan
Awwww this is so sweet! I love that relationship between Shelagh and Tim.
6/30 c16 MariaLujan
It's strange, every time I have my cycle I say the same: Oh Patrick, please come home! But I'm not lucky like Shelagh hahaha
6/30 c15 MariaLujan
Aggg I hate that woman!
6/28 c10 Maddie47
This is FANTASTIC! I love it! It’s so open and honest and pure admission. I mean I never like a suicide attempt but what this turned into is beautiful!
6/28 c4 Maddie47
I absolutely love this chapter! But I also absolutely love Sister Julienne and Shulienne so that probably explains it!
I always like story’s about Shelaghs childhood, because we don’t know much from the show. Please keep going with this series!
6/27 c11 MariaLujan
Ashdjfydk this just have 100 words but is so hot! Poor Shelagh, but...no, no poor. If Patrick kissed you like that, you're not poor hahaha
6/23 c10 Guest
Another great one shot
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