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for ¿Héroe rosado?

3/9 c51 PinKrystal
I don't mind with this one. The ending? Please surprise me.

Although I remember you said, there will be an alernative ending sakura x hawks in this story.

Hawks died nooooo... and my spark for bakugo is end until hawks arrived. I'm sorry I fell in love with second male lead here.
12/5/2021 c47 FlyFlow
Good fanfiction.
I think it's good that Sakura is the rational one in the mission.
I understand why Bakugo is angry.
Sakura lies and does everything behind his back. Bakugo is too immature. It's not a good relationship.
Hawks is better for Sakura. Sakura will understand why he gets his hands dirty.
11/21/2021 c44 Guest
hello dear author. I love your stories and your work. Can I translate this fanfic into Russian?Because as for me, the Russian community must also read it
8/9/2021 c42 PinKrystal
Would you please take your time to write entrelazados as well? Ive been reread that 6th times. I love it. Please please
7/8/2021 c29 PinKrystal
Would you try to make Sakura x Haikyuu? Like Kageyama Tobio. Its AU everything is normal. Sakura and Tobio become athlete
7/8/2021 c41 4DiosaAzteca
hola, me gusta tu historia y me gustaria que la continuaras y otra cosa si pudieras hacer una historia donde Sakura Haruno sea la protagonista y se encuentre en el mundo de Fairy Tail gracias
7/7/2021 c41 Stefanie Chin
Hola! Me da gusto ya poder toparte aquí, espero con MUCHAS ANSIAS la nueva actualización del cap
7/4/2021 c20 Guest
Why’d she slap both it was blondie fighting them both..?
6/16/2021 c38 PinKrystal
Me reading first chapter: Okay BakuSaku looks promising
Also me after reading 38 chapter: SakuxHarem looks better than BakuSaku.

I can feel Sakura's love for everyone. Sorry Baku, i love you but i Love Sakura more. She deserve better...

SakuxEveryone my ship is sailing again.

Just kidding... thank you for post this
6/16/2021 c25 PinKrystal
Okay this chapter makes me cry. I feel the bond between Sakura and Naruto. Oh i wish them sail in your other story. Thank you for post this
6/16/2021 c11 PinKrystal
Im sorry your story has been post in another site without your permission. I always read in and Ao3, i don't like wattpad mostly because of that, take another work and post as his/her own. Would you pm me the link of story? So i can report it. Youre amazing! Thank you for all the time youve spent to write this work. I love you
6/16/2021 c5 PinKrystal
Yes i enjoy it very muck, thank you for post this
5/10/2021 c13 VYTA2000
Osea, como rayos Sakura estaría nerviosa por eso, es una maldita médica certificada y profecional
5/10/2021 c12 VYTA2000
A cabron, ¿qué pedo con Shigaraki!?
5/10/2021 c11 VYTA2000
Que precioso, ya ni recuerdo por que deje de leerlo... Ya me acordé, me pasó como con todos los libros, inicie otro antes de terminar de leerme uno
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