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for Destiny Far From Home

11/19 c5 Valkoor123113
This is all really good. I wonder what the future holds for the Guardian, his Ghost and the remaining Jedi. :)
11/3 c5 zatderpscout58
Such an amazing story and concept only to have the author reveal themselves to be an idiot at the end, such a shame
10/21 c5 Guest
A very intriguing story can just imagine the look on skywalkers face when guardians light powers activated,
can't wait for next update to it
9/12 c5 Gute
Wow, this is a very exciting story you've got here. Thanks for sharing it with us my guy (*/ω\*)
9/9 c3 16Girl-of-Action
It makes sense how the Jedi would view the guardian as a bounty Hunter, at least at first. Enjoying this story quite a bit. Thanks for writing and posting.
9/9 c2 Girl-of-Action
Brutal. First the guardian killed a clone his ghost said they wouldn’t harm, then cut down a surrendering clone. The clones did fire on him first however.

I do like how you’re inserting some of the clones point of view and how they see Jedi as monsters. Makes this all morally grey and more interesting.
8/26 c5 Guest
To considers the battle between Vader and the Guardian, i wonder if this could changes some events of the Revenge of the Sith, specifically regarding to all the events of Mustafar; the assasination of the CSI council, the duel of Obi Wan vs Vader, and the Death of Padme Amidala, as the Guardian leaves severely injured to Vader during their battle in the temple, making that possibly Vader would be out of action for a while, avoiding that Sidious can send him to Mustafar.

Well, maybe the Guardian can help the Rebellion, Obi wan and the other Jedis to deals with Vader, and the Empire in the future. And we could see if the Guardian and the Ghost can saves Padme's life, to heals her with the Traveler's light, allowing her to survive to this birth of Luke and Leia, and her broken heart.
8/24 c5 ssjwahxjjwis
Were is the new chapter
8/16 c5 4eragon95159
Continue and update soon, please. Maybe make guardian Gareth families of surviving Jedi and ships with refugees from many races like catooni race and with little help from travellers (who from comatic state sent information about way lead to earth) with Jedi help they retake system sol and start a new system of the galactic alliance who help rebels destroy the empire and make new republic.
7/19 c5 endo-of-reading
Is the last message from a better time-line, brother?
7/7 c5 Guest
Covid lockdown isn't bullsh#t!

Biden did win Tump is just a saw loser that doesn't care about anyone but himself and money!
7/6 c5 FabledLife
Been wondering why the Ace of Spades here doesn't make the clones explode from the headshots or why the Guardian doesn't use any heavy weapons? He could have probably used one of the Destiny swords while dueling Vader since some of them should be coated in energy as they disintegrate any enemies on kill? Also, don't Guardians have some kind of energy shield on themselves that lets them take hits better?
7/2 c5 Guest
Why you must ruined such good Fic with that political trash at the end. Can we just not talk about Earth politics on a magic space adventure, please?
7/2 c5 Ghostly
Getting back to the Sol system will be difficult, I think one of the only ways back home would be to travel through a Vex gate and that is a abysmal task to complete. Both finding and navigating through the gate.

Like in ‘The Bad Batch’, ‘Rebels’, and lore, could you have the ghost reactivate and reprogram every battle droid (factories) across the galaxy to be used as a stopgap to buy the remaining Jedi and future rebels a chance to go into hiding. If that’s is even possible.
7/1 c5 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter! This is a really interesting story and I WANT to read MORE!

Looking forward to the next chapter on this!
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