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9/13 c56 7zakan
Good chaper!
5/23 c17 candrariski155
Tanya is Too OOC, People love Tanya Canon for its nature, and now you've made it OOC, Indirectly you lose the attraction from him, And also is this a Crossover or just AU, too many boring OC Characters. There are many Canon characters from both anime that you can use, Why does it have to be an OC that I don't even know. Is this really a crossover?
5/13 c55 TeamT
All ways cool to see this fic get updated.

Keep up the good work. :D
5/12 c55 zakan
Love to get a new chapter! Can't wait for the next!
3/19 c54 danuz
12/18/2022 c1 6Frau Kojiro
Maybe put a bit more information about what this fic is about in the summary or in the beginning here? I see romance as a tag, but no character tags or if it's yuri/slash/multi/etc. I'm going in completely blind here.
12/13/2022 c53 TeamT
Yes finally this fic got updated. Great chapter just
10/22/2022 c52 5AMortePerpetuaLiberaNos
truly an anime trope but i love it :)
9/28/2022 c52 TeamT
Damn I see how it is. Leaving me on a cliffhanger like that.

But in all seriousness nice chapter, keep up the good work.
8/15/2022 c37 cassnova5424
7/14/2022 c51 Endragora
Damn, I thought were going to continue with the Tanya and Visha story with the Weiss and Neumann story sprinkled in. It’s a surprise to be sure, but not unwelcome. Let’s see where this goes.

Will Weiss and Neumann end up encountering Being X? Will they beat the shit out of him too? Imagine if later on when Being X returns to Tanya and Visha, he says that Visha is the 3rd person to hit him with a shovel.
6/25/2022 c50 UDLLORD
Nice story
6/20/2022 c50 1zanarkand wintercall
This story is so unique and lovely to read that I honestly can't wait for book 2. I will wait for it with baited breath.
6/4/2022 c50 5AMortePerpetuaLiberaNos
Test Test my comments don't show up
(but the chapter was very awesome)
5/31/2022 c50 Me Myself and I

Is it the intended spelling or it's just a typo and the intended name was Titania?
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