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6/9/2020 c1 EldestCosmonaut
Good review. Now get to the next chapter. Please.
6/1/2020 c1 Anonymous Noob the 2nd
What do you think of my pm?
5/29/2020 c1 losing my will
So fanfictionnet is stupid and didn't posted my comment well. As I was saying, I love it! Keep going!
5/31/2020 c1 34HeartAngel1796
I love this!
Astrid's line about how Hiccup kidnapped her and that started their relationship (although, she wasn't dangling from a cliff, it was a tree. I'm picky). And now she has tied him up to get a little frisky. And then when she said "just let me show you" like he did. Outstanding!
Also, really liked u actually gave an identity to the cat yowl we heard when Hiccup was getting Astrid away from Throk.
Very hot and spicy. Please continue ;)
5/30/2020 c1 Anonymous Noob the 2nd
Love this story
5/29/2020 c1 4losingmywill
I don’t understand why don’t you receive more reviews, the characterization is on point; you kept the characters as they are, I can actually picture them saying and acting like this. The smut is perfect, hot and well-written. In few words: .It.
5/29/2020 c1 1IcyForest
oh my gods, um, hello again? i didn’t expect to see another hiccstrid smutfic from you today, but yayyyy! more smuts!

and man, you were able to finish this in 2 days? please, spare some talent, good sir, because i can never seem to finish mine for WEEKS :’(

but anyways, another long review ahead. again ;)

1. mm, yes. starting off the fic with a steamy, hot make out! yesss! i’m already rating this as 11/10 even though I haven’t read the rest before I rated it lmaoo
2. Hiccup – ever the gentleman! I admire him for his self-control when he got a smoking bombshell of a girlfriend who was certainly hungry for more
3. ‘Damn, that ass!’ Haha YES! hiccstrid smuts will never be complete without Astrid drooling over Hiccup’s booty lol
4. I like how you named that random cat who was just inserted into the scene to make it hilarious after Hiccup/Astrid crashes into something off-cam
5. Wait, Stoick explained everything to his son just so he knows very well what to do to please Astrid? Lmaoo I could only imagine how awkward that might be! (and educational too – for Hiccup, I mean)
6. ‘Maybe they couldn't be together as husband and wife yet, he could wait even if she couldn't’ huh, as far as I remembered, he couldn’t seem to get enough from their wild ‘plowing’ in ‘Dagur’s Engagement Gift’!
7. ‘It stood tall and proud; long as the dragon eye, and half as thick.’ Ho-ho! Jeez, Hiccup! What are you hiding in your pants? A dragon? No wonder why Astrid was dazed at the moment lmaoo
8. I like how Astrid promised to do better next time she gives him a blowjob. It’s so in-character of her, since she’s definitely someone who’d set her mind into something and would never give up until she finally managed to overcome it. Go get him, queen!

overall, I really enjoyed this one too! It was fun and hilarious to read this! And I would loveeee to see more, especially how their first time would turn out!
5/29/2020 c1 5atomicsub927

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