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16h c10 Aussie Dumbass
1/24 c10 Rc Jackson
i love this... please tell me this is still going... so good!
1/22 c10 1hockeyhunter21
what about umbra's rank?
1/22 c2 hockeyhunter21
dis is really good imma favorite it now bye
1/19 c10 Guest
I read through all the chapters and they are amazing keep it up.
1/17 c10 shugokage
Great job on this interesting story and chapter!
1/13 c10 anonymous inc
hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM ... HHHHMMMMMMMMM! i like it can he have a war hammer please
1/12 c10 Guest
1/10 c10 1thomassmith69
I’ve quite enjoyed this story I just found :) very enjoyable. I hope he can make neo a subordinate somehow and get her voice back.
1/10 c6 thomassmith69
How many limbs does he have? I thought he had 6 wings arms and legs. But summer said she saw a wyvern with no forlegs? Then he got dragon punch and says he had his arms?
1/4 c10 4mongodatroll
Interesting. Well, you blindsided me with Neo, not gonna lie there. The trope of "big scary thing takes care of smaller and more innocent younger/naive thing" was such an obvious option when the slave trade came up, I was pretty much counting on this involving a very young Ren and Nora. Let's be honest here, Ren will follow Nora anywhere, and I could totally see Nora pulling essentially the same thing Neo did in the bandit camp even being half the age. But you didn't go for the low hanging fruit, so grats on that one.
Part of me is kinda hoping that the two-month time limit gets tossed by the wayside. Mostly just because I would hate to see all this glorious character development get thrown away and have her shacking up with that douche Torchwick again as she does in canon. It wouldn't be a deal-breaker or anything. But it would be disappointing to see, at least to me.
As for the author's note a couple of chapters ago when you were asking where the "Goody Two-shoes" moment was? I didn't really see it either, but for the record? I am noticing a real trend in "Gamer" style fics towards main characters that are evil, or just unfeeling to a point that they are sociopathic. I tend to bin those. Frankly, I am fairly certain the vast majority of them are written by people whose actual "GamerTag" includes some combination of the words Skull, Black, 3\/1L, or Dark. And their balls probably have years to go before they drop. Not to discourage a story about an anti-hero or a main character with rough edges. Some of them are awesome, and this one definitely has that potential. But racking up a human body count and showing that you can write unfeeling drivel passing itself of as dramatic prose doesn't a good story make unless the people reading it are so morally bankrupt they can actually identify with that crap. I guess what I am saying is the next time some "Edgelord" whines that your character is becoming a "Goody Two-shoes" just because they are feeling enough human solidarity to save children from slavery when there is even a legitimate reward involved? I say ignore that person. /shrug. Can't wait to see more, and thank you for your efforts.
1/4 c5 mongodatroll
Honestly, I thought the Omake was fine. But then, I have one of Clifford the big red dog munching on vampires during the mayor's ascension in one of my BTVS crossovers, so frankly I am not certain my opinion should really be relied upon for something like this.
Enjoying the story so far, and will try to offer a bit more of a detailed analysis when I am caught up to current. As an aside, while there are a few typos here and there I wouldn't worry too much about your stated concern about English being your second language. I won't say things couldn't be tightened up, but you are well above average for fanfiction standards.
1/1 c10 Addicted to Reading018
Loving it keep it up
12/28/2020 c10 Reptil
Love this story so much keep up the great work. Can he inventory vehicles and if so how big. Could he inventory a bullhead. If he buys the size adjustment evolution will he have the same strength if he makes himself tiny.
12/26/2020 c10 ER-47
Hope you update soon, this is a great story
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