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for Grimm's Evolution

5/9 c24 Eragon135790
great ff so far.
4/30 c24 1Arkraith
Fun stuff
4/30 c24 The Sun Elf
I can't lie, I read all of this in one sitting and now, I kind of want to write one.
4/28 c23 HelpingHand
It would get boring if there was a fight in every chapter, especially with chapters being shorter now. I think it is good the story spends time doing other things.
4/23 c24 ahein9937
Damn, it's over. I'm caught up to my favorite rwby story, and now I feel empty as fuck.

Hope the next chapter will come soon.
4/22 c23 1Chainthatbinds
thx for the chapters
4/22 c1 ahein9937
Ooooh, so this is gonna be like “kumo desu ga nani ka?”, an isekai where the MC got reincarnated, as in she restarted her life as a newborn spider monster, and after steadily grinding, gained power at a decent pace and *spoiler*

got a human body as her final evolution path. I'll give this a shot, because the premise sounds like the above mentioned series, and I really love it.
4/18 c5 Freddielebron
How stupid is the mc? He has claws and teeth. He’s a fucking dragon. Use some dragon breath or fucking slash something. Bite. For fucks sake it’s hard to read this. He knows the potential but all he does is spam one skill and not try learning new ones or even doing the most basic thing: fighting in close quarters.
4/18 c4 Freddielebron
Cringe name. Seriously what are you? Some edgy 12 year old? Umbra? As a name? Ugh
4/16 c9 1LordZarcon
In his dragon form does he move on all 4 limbs?
4/16 c1 LordZarcon
Between umbra and jet i prefer jet, sounds more like a real name. Will this fic have romance of any kind?
4/12 c24 thatfanboi
This is a great chapter.
4/12 c24 FinnTheHumanMC
Well done as always. I haven't got a lot to say this this review, just showing my support.
4/4 c24 4lizyeh2000
Love your story now following! . Please update soon!
4/3 c1 1Surfing cipher
boooo choose author do a snake like what if series I need more orochimaru epic entrances here
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