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8/12 c8 Meyers Snicket
Wooooohooo. Thank you author! I love this story and really cannot wait for an update. But I understand you are getting busy, I just wanted to let you know that I for one am so happy that you are writing this. There aren’t that many ATWQ fanfics so it is really refreshing to get a one, let only that yours is well written, enjoyable, and well thought out. Very few of ATWQ fanfics have Moxie as the main character, who was really a quite unique character overall. But I do have a couple of questions(that will probably be wrong) like who is moxie’s mother? Is Moxie related to the Baudelaires? Why does Moxie still have the same typewriter? How old is she? Yeah, I know it’s a lot but I just had to ask. So thank you for writing this far and hope you will finish the story when you have time. Live long and prosper, chaps.
7/24 c6 Meyers Snicket
Dang, Lemony can’t you give any hints where to go. I mean the world is a small place but that small? P.S. Keep it up, Author! I literally check this story every day. And I need to get an account here to get alerts on this story.!
7/10 c5 Not Snicket
Pls pls update. Loving it
7/7 c5 Just posted a re
Update soon. Forget to add that to review
7/7 c5 Guest
Finally. Awesome chapter. You totally got Lemony Snicket’s writing style down. And it’s nice to Moxie’s perspective.
7/5 c4 Meyers Snicket
Please please update. Loving the story. Hoping for more updates
6/18 c3 yay
its lemony!
6/18 c1 sdfj

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