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5/26 c43 Striking Thanatos
Fuck yeah lessgoo! Man this story is so good I literally binge-read it in a day! Can't wait for the next book!
5/22 c22 1Dark White Fang
To be honest, I'm glad you did away with Shigaraki. I always found him a pathetic antagonist, and never could take him seriously.
5/19 c5 MegaMindAuthor
This pairing Mirko/Percy seems so forced. Ugh.
5/16 c43 Guest
I’m so excited for this sequel I’m checking in every day, even though I know it’s probably a month or longer before seeing anything… so great job!
5/14 c43 KiefyPat
ayo? the second book? ayo?! you cant do me like this.
5/9 c1 nexusplayer
Wondering what the title for the second book is and when the first chapter is suspected to be released!
5/8 c43 Lustlara52
The story was shit. I'm still having a hard time seeing how a random nomu was able to beat Percy almost to death. Him losing his arm was even stupider because how can someone who survived everything that he has been through in the books lose it to a nobody like shigaraki, that had to be the biggest let down I have ever read in a fanfic. He is supposed to have superhuman reflexes, speed, endurance, strength, and agility but he still let a random like shigaraki touch him even though he saw what his power can do. I honestly can't see why the writer nerfed Percy so much. He said that he was only going to nerf his emotions but then any random thing can end his life, such a let down.
5/6 c43 PaladinSans
That cliffhanger is criminal!
5/3 c43 Guest
when second book
5/5 c43 Metroid84
Excellent work lildb on both you and your betas part you constantly put out great story’s. For anyone reading this I would highly recommend reading lildb’s other works they are always consistently well written.
5/4 c43 Spedyalarm
Deja Vu!
Nice story, I really hope you take the advice with Pontus.
5/4 c43 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude I definitely Can't wait for the next book and updates for the other stories
5/2 c42 1Jaymezians
Oh man, Calypso HYPE!
5/2 c22 FortifiedREX
no mercy Percy let's gooooooooooo! also WHERE TF IS ALL THIS WATER COMING FROM , Ik he can condense some from the water in the air but come on man you having him shoot water cannons from his wrists XD. love the story so far keep up the amazing work!
4/30 c43 Doc
Wow... Its certainly been a wild ride. It's kinda bittersweet to see this story end as I have been reading since maybe the 5th chapter but I'm glad that the story has come so far. Thank you lilDB and Dbl7 for bringing such a wonderful story to creation
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