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for The Last Argonaut

5/5 c23 3Ricee
really enjoyed it and can't wait for more!
5/1 c23 Guest
"You cannot kill a god" *thinks back to the three gods that have died in front of him* "bet"
5/1 c3 1Thefallenjedi66
Wtf? Percy should know better than now how a hero’s story ends. He should have gone anti hero, and kill every muther facker off the human genome and waste them all
4/28 c23 Zabuza Momichi23


4/26 c23 John
Pls post more on this
4/26 c5 jh7920
too much cursing
4/26 c16 4iluvstorys
I love your take on Shinsou...I had forgotten how his attitude in the sports festival grated on me...and thank you for pointing out the fact that the class has other non physical quirk users who worked hard and got admitted...I mean, Kouji and Toiri had the least suitable quirks for fighting robots and rescue operations, but they somehow managed it...so how did someone who could have put his quirk to great use for rescuing people, especially after the one pointer appeared not manage to get enough points...and he must be the only one aside from Hatsume who got to the last stage of the sports festival with zero combat skills as a one-trick pony...in hindsight, the fandom loves him so much that we have lost sight of his canon character...even if he corrects his attitude, he needs to actually train before he's hero class material...
4/23 c23 James
does percy have the roman tattoo or not in this au?
4/25 c23 haha.plogue
There is nothing to say but I enjoyed this please continue of this wonderful story.
4/19 c23 TheLastVato
Hey foo you ever gonna comeback cause this some fire you writing.
4/20 c7 LeonaidasRage
Mandalay sounds like a bald tibetian buddhist monk out of a comic.
Ah, and yes, I do like the writing.
4/20 c12 Luxo11
This is so cringe to read and you’re dragging this out trying to force drama.
4/19 c13 JMK2
Alright I was loving this story right up until Percy lost his arm in such a stupid fucking way. Like I can’t even believe it. I have no idea why you went this direction and personally I don’t care. My Suspension of Belief doesn’t mesh with it.
4/18 c23 13Akashic Vinyl
I figured he was becoming a god, I hope that happens. I want to see the 1-A kids become the new greek pantheon and maybe fight some other gods lol.
4/17 c23 scabrd12
please update this is an amazing story and I love it you are a great writer
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