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for The Slayer in another world (Doomslayer gets isekai'd)

6/21/2023 c4 Farrington
God damit this story was going so well de but they stopped for who knows what reason i mean at least give us some reason for stoping please
5/30/2023 c4 Guest
I think you should have her make a technique called “DOOM Blade”, I’ll let you fill in the details
3/29/2023 c4 Guest
This is fuego and I want more.
3/29/2023 c1 Guest
"if he had to fight, he will and will come out unscathed " is such a badass thing to be confident about.
12/28/2022 c4 TheMutatedNut
Yp is this still continuing or is it like dead, is it on hiatus or no?
12/3/2022 c1 Farrington
I wish you would give us more information, if you are going to continue the story if you got bored or if you are too busy and need a little more time, because if not I think you are dead and I don't want this story to end like others like "psychosis" where they end without notifying us and we are waiting years for something that never comes I think as readers we deserved to know when it "ends" and when you are taking an extra long break
11/3/2022 c4 Sepia6455
This story is very good, it's a pity that there have been no recent updates but I'll be here waiting for them
10/9/2022 c1 4Jasuuvius
Cliche? You mean pure. Simple and to the point. No fucks given by the doomslayer on what anyone thinks lol
9/24/2022 c4 18iamchaos
I really liked this story
9/21/2022 c4 mst3ktoo
I gotta say the whole tsundere yandere thing annoys me. Especial tsundere, that's just gross. I also dislike people in general though, so that's not helping. I'm ambivalent to your story ATM, but will finish bc it's short
9/21/2022 c2 mst3ktoo
Hah, Daisy mk II, get
8/26/2022 c1 hanzohasashifan29
Missed the opportunity to let him say Doom
7/2/2022 c4 romanian.theif
keep going
6/6/2022 c4 Guest
Good yes keep going please
5/9/2022 c4 Guest
more chapters please
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