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for The Slayer in another world (Doomslayer gets isekai'd)

7/12/2020 c2 OldGlory
7/1/2020 c2 RedlerSchnyder
If this story ever gets done, someone should make a comic out of this!
6/28/2020 c2 39lixiaofossil
We should have a spin-off movie of this Doom story.

On a side note, why they always shout before firing up their special attacks?

Glad to see the..."gentleman" side of Doomguy.
6/26/2020 c2 Guest
Ha. That’s a convenient encounter. I do enjoy this. No idea what isekaing might actually mean, but I certainly welcome an audience to doomguy’s impossible feats. I’m eager to see how you convey his combat style, writers do not often do his relentless speed justice.
All the best,
6/25/2020 c2 12Doom King of Latveria
Good to see you finally updated another chapter of this great fic! :D

I really love the fight scene and how Doomguy show the girl who's the boss in battlefield! XD

And that bunny girl, kinda reminds me of that characters from that mobile games called "Arknights" :D
6/25/2020 c1 4Death300043
bro this is sick ngl
6/25/2020 c1 11TheDrkKnight12
Also, got an idea for you to use. You know, in a banquet by tue Primcess, all those snot nosed nobles try to befriend the Slayer much to his annoyance and asking him about who he really is so Sammy boy plays the Slayer Testaments to shut them up.
6/25/2020 c2 TheDrkKnight12
While we're at this, when are they gonna lift their skirts up for the Doom Slayer?

Also, he must now prptect Daisy just becuz
6/25/2020 c2 TheDrkKnight12
You say it like Argent Energy can be found and produced in any dimension... when it was stated in game that it is totally exclusively produced in Hell but torturing mortal souls.
6/25/2020 c2 1Albatross079
Awesome chapter. Please update soon
6/15/2020 c1 G944od
I love this , it's just doom slayer killing everything which is amazing and I love it . I do hope this story stays stay somewhat true to the lore .
6/11/2020 c1 Shapagat
well, it's really sad this masterpiece has only 1 chapter. I WANT MORE.
6/9/2020 c1 JurassicMonster
Won't deny it, i'm super excited for more of this!
6/9/2020 c1 39lixiaofossil
I remember a certain Japanese light novel, the hero is summoned to kill a dragon, and instead using the "Warrior Sword", he blasts the dragon with a miniature Death Star laser cannon.
6/4/2020 c1 Alfa123
Hope to see more one of these days
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