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5/8 c10 jules
2/28 c10 Guest
One of the best stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
2/5 c9 Emo4
I really like the 2 gifts you gave Bella in this story. You could say her shield came from her always hiding behind a book, shielding herself, and her ability to change appearances from her living vicariously through the characters in those books. just a random thought. thank you for sharing another outstanding story.
12/28/2021 c10 3starlighttauriel
Aw. I really loved this story. Another top 5 so far I think.
12/28/2021 c9 starlighttauriel
So were they able to use their tails as tails? Or was it legs as tails?
12/28/2021 c8 starlighttauriel
I love that Aro isn’t bad here and didn’t cause Didyme’s death. I love how the Brothers and Wives are closer. I love also that in this story Marcus chose to tie himself to Aro as a way of staying alive and how his act was all a ruse.
12/28/2021 c7 starlighttauriel
Translation notecielo” means sky or heaven.
12/28/2021 c6 starlighttauriel
Ew at Edward. Man, is Chelsea hardcore at removing her eyes just in case.
12/28/2021 c5 starlighttauriel
I wonder who Carlisle will choose. His greed or his golden boy? Tbf, his golden boy is the one mated with Chelsea, but she’s unavailable rn.

It’s so cool how you have the impasse!
12/28/2021 c4 starlighttauriel
So not only was Alice’s downfall a self-fulfilling prophecy, but Alice only wanted to be in Volterra to see her ‘mate’ because that’s where she saw the vision take place.

Aw, poor Rose. And wow, I’m feeling some pity for Aro.
12/27/2021 c3 starlighttauriel
I love self-fulfilling prophecies. Hopefully their revenge goes great. Can’t believe Edward’s mate is Chelsea.
12/27/2021 c1 starlighttauriel
Interesting. Also, so evil of them! The parts left of Rose, Emmett, and Esme? I suspected Jasper, but that?!

I’m wondering how much the Volturi know and who of them know.

Poor Peter and Charlotte knowing something was wrong but unable to do anything.
12/15/2021 c1 Guest
I have to tell you that I have been reading all your stories one by one,they are really good.
You have a lot of talent! Good Luck!
11/28/2021 c10 clickpic
Everything does change. The older you are the harder those changes can be. Just keep on keep in’ on! Thanks for sharing your story.
11/27/2021 c1 clickpic
Love this so far!
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