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11/26 c14 1ElsaLuver
So sorry that it took me so long to read this, I had a lot going on.

Anyway, this chapter is beyond epic! It has now officially taken the crown from chapter 13 as the best chapter of your story! An A!

Wow, I've forgotten how dangerous the hurt incantation was! I was holding my breath the entire time when Wrenn was destroying All Hollow Eve. I liked that the other teens stood up against her and refused to attack the town.

I knew that Dale was going to break Novak's promise and gamble again, it's pretty much very in character of him.

The whole battle with Wrenn and Neoma was intense! It definitely reminded me of the battle between Cassandra and Rapunzel in the third season of "Tangled: The Series", I can't imagine how they felt seeing their daughters in their shoes. For a moment, I was worried that Wrenn actually was going to kill Neoma.

I knew that Wrenn was possessed by something. The whole interaction between her and the evil spirit gave me the chills. Honestly, I wasn't expecting little Wrenn to be the source of her darkness. I started crying when she died (I'm glad that you brought her back).

My favorite part was the scene with Wrenn and Ghost Rapunzel. I was sad that future Rapunzel had died, but it was sweet that she helped Wrenn find the will to keep fighting.

I was cheering when Wrenn defeated the evil spirit and I liked how you had The Horned King make a cameo in this chapter. I'm glad that the teens forgave Wrenn and I'm so happy that Jack Skellington and All Hollow Eve were revived at the end of this chapter.

As always, you did a phenomenal job and I'm looking forward to the next chapter:) I can't wait to see what happens in the Southern Isles:)

Also, I loved that picture of Elsa and Eri on DeviantArt, it's very sweet:) It is my favorite picture of yours.
11/18 c3 Guest
1. Fanfiction de la serie animada las aventuras de Rapunzel, los Unquiet de este Fanfiction son una criatura muy interesante que querría proponer que incorpores dentro de este Fanfiction a proponer

Criaturas Mágicas de The Dragon Prince y Harry Potter y los espíritus que aparecen en Frozen II

Aparte de Sun Drop y Moonstone habría una tercera gema, una que es una estrella caída del firmamento

Un OC que sería pareja romántica de Cassandra

Los eventos y argumento de las aventuras enredadas de Rapunzel
10/8 c14 2admiral809
Just finished reading the entire story so far. Out of all the mix-mash Disney stories I've read, THIS is the most amazing.

Quite the dark chapter, but titanium isn't molded with just a few hammer strikes (no heat).

Which reminds me, would you be interested in an OC and a potential idea for when the Seven meet their parents?

Please send a PM even if you aren't interested. Thank you.
9/29 c14 3Soundhunter
That was intense af. I had suspected that an unquiet had possessed Wrenn the moment you mentioned something was wrong with her when she left the Dark Kingdom, but I never expected that it could damage the group so severely. The uncertainty of the outcome of the battle was what kept me on edge. It seemed like Wrenn was gonna go off on her own after giving in to the darkness but I'm glad you brought her back.

Damn that hurt incantation is a serious power. I wonder if it can hurt the unquiet in the war. Also wondering if the Moonstone has another secondary power hidden up it's sleeve
9/4 c13 1ElsaLuver
Wow, that was intense and so dark! This chapter has just replaced chapter seven as the best chapter of your story!

I loved the whole thing with the Gladiatorum with Novak and Flynn fighting each other, Amelia sitting on Novak's lap, the whole kissing thing with Aidan and Neoma (I can tell Varian did not like that at all lol), and everyone placing bets on who will win. Oh, if only Novak hadn't gotten himself distracted, he could've easily won. I laughed when Varian won the bet against the Stabbingtons.

Wow, I was not expecting "The Nightmare Before Christmas" to be involved in your story. I liked how you wrote Jack in this chapter; you definitely kept him in character. He and his family were very kind to the teens, it's a shame what happened to them at the end of the chapter. I'm surprised that Sally wasn't in this chapter. After what happened to Jack and his family, I'm starting to think that it's a good thing that she wasn't there.

Oh, "The Black Cauldron"! I remember watching that movie a lot on VHS when I was a kid! I loved how this movie played a part in this chapter and I was not expecting that to happen to the witches. I wonder how Taran and Eilonwy would react to this.

Without a doubt, that was easily the hardest and darkest battle that the teens had ever been in. Throughout the whole thing, my heart was beating, and I was holding my breath. For a moment, I seriously thought that we were going to lose one or more of the teens, thank God that didn't happen, but they're still scarred from the event. I feel so bad for them especially Eri and Novak and it must be so hard for Elsa, Hans, and Lady Caine to see them like that. I bet that Elsa wished that she could give her daughter a hug.

As always, you did a phenomenal job, and I can't wait for the next chapter:)

Also, I don't know if you've heard, but Disney is finally adding Raya to the Disney Princess lineup!
8/4 c13 3Soundhunter
Yo! Now reading this was my cup of tea! You portrayed amazingly how the tide of darkness over lives can come in fast and pitch black to the point where I got goosebumps when Wrenn said that last line! Amazing delivery of emotions here indeed!
I must say, you did a splendid job of writing the grimy stuff. I could practically hear the squelching and cracking in my head as I read through the story, especially during the battle.
Speaking of that battle, I appreciate all the little details you put in to portray the battle as realistically as it would take place. It paints a big picture in my head of exactly how terrifying it would be to fight against such beasts and makes me worry about what dangers are gonna lie in the future, considering what the teens have lost today. Great job!
Also, I just noticed now that I forgot to write in my last review about how beautiful the art you posted on Deviantart is! You are stunningly talented!
6/14 c12 1ElsaLuver
Wow, that was another phenomenal chapter! I am blown away!

After all these years, Eugene still gets under Cassandra's skin XD.

I knew that Flynn, Novak, and Aidan were lying about defeating Hackshaw Horvath, however I was surprised that Horvath was already long deceased. I expected that the kids didn't believe Roth and the town folks so they lied to get them to take them to the Dark Kingdom then they would run into Horvath in the woods and get in a battle. I also like how similar Eri and Neoma are to their mothers.

Varian's reaction when he thought that Aidan and Neoma were fooling around was priceless lol! I bet now he knows how it feels to be in Quirin's shoes ha ha! You are great with humor!

That was awkward when Brock pretended to be Eugene especially when he was hitting on Stalyan in front of the kids. I doubt that he'll pose as him ever again after everything that happened in this chapter.

I'm glad that the girls helped Stalyan with the birthing. I'm impressed with how Wrenn and Eri used their magic to help. Very well done. And I still can't believe that Roth fell asleep during the whole thing.

I actually always wondered if Edmund would be able to tell the difference between Eugene and Brock. Good thing that he can otherwise, it would be concerning.

That was sweet when the twins spent time with their grandfather. It melted my heart. I can't imagine how Edmund must've felt when he realized that he had spoken to his grandchildren from the future. I'm glad that Wrenn and Flynn had gotten to know him especially since they lost him and Eugene in another timeline.

I am looking forward to the next chapter:)

Plus, I saw your new picture on Devianart and it's hilarious! Great job on that too:)
5/27 c12 3Soundhunter
I bet the sunrises looked beautiful. Almost makes me wanna wish I was there in the story just to see it...
Nice work on this chapter! It found a great middle ground between epicness and conversations and I must say, I'm quite jealous again of how awesome you write these kinds of scenes. As always, the character interactions are absolutely on point and I am loving the simple plot that complements it. Superb work on the humorous parts and action scenes as well, especially the part where the twins clobber their 'father'. I see references to quite a few popular movies too. That face-flattening landing Eri did seemed familiar from somewhere. The talk between Edmund and Flynn and Wrenn was quite heartwarming. To be honest, that part was the one I loved the most in this chapter and the characters needed it as well. They definitely know loss and love. Speaking of love, I like the character dynamics developing between Aidan and Neoma and Amelia and Novak. The buildup is quite satisfying to this point. Also, I love that the Dark Kingdom is modernized and holds the most knowledge about the dark secrets of the world. You beat me to the latter idea by one chapter! :D I'm happy that I'm not the only one who thought of that.

Other than all the great things, one small critique I have this time is that the grammar and spellings seem to be a bit off. If you're not a native English speaker, you can always use Google Docs or Grammarly to correct those. I use those too and they work pretty well in my experience.

Great job overall and can't wait for the next chapter!
4/25 c11 20betaworkshop460
Hello again. Thanks for the mention. The children of the boys are really warriors and strategists in combat, surprising their parents, especially Hans, their own son. Novak is much like his mother, Lady Caine. What was striking was imagining the short mention and the film of The Thing, I loved them. This chapter was great and I’ll be waiting for more content. Take care and feel good.
4/25 c10 betaworkshop460
Hello again. I really loved this fiction. Every surprise like the battles he writes so exciting and long are jewels in your fanfic. Very good, keep it up. Take care of yourself.
4/25 c9 betaworkshop460
Hello again. I liked it a lot, from what I understood I think there was a whole development of the universe of the little mermaid here in question. Really Disney has been more lazy regarding the characterizations of other characters; he creates them and then doesn't give them names and forgets them altogether. Take care of yourself.
4/25 c8 betaworkshop460
Hello, again, it was fun and I really liked this chapter. I know very little about Kingdom Hearts, except that the third part was on Xbox Game Pass and I was about to install it. Very good fanfic. Take care of yourself.
4/25 c7 betaworkshop460
Hello, again, I really liked it. Hans and Lady Caine are made for each other and it’s great, I think it’s a reference to the drawing you have of the two of them on Deviantart, which is perfect and I’m very grateful for this chapter. Take care of yourself.
4/25 c6 betaworkshop460
Hello again. I liked. Anna, being a mother, knows it, Elsa needs to be a mother and see the benefits of being a mother. The boys attacked Monty and I really thought it was funny. Rapunzel as queen and with a few more years she would acquire the necessary experience to rule; it's great. I'll watch the Hans and Lady Caine episodes, what a thrill! Take care of yourself.
4/25 c5 betaworkshop460
Hello, I really liked this chapter. I thought it was cute how Lady Caine hugged her son, something I really admired about the fic, also the moment when Brock and Stalyan revealed their baby, it was amazing. Another thing is that it was very cute how Olaf said something to the children even though they had already fallen asleep and were too young to understand. And this chapter was great. Take care of yourself.
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