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for Off With The Costume, On With The New Life

19h c1 Eriktheviking70
Well written, insightful, and fun... more, please?
5/27 c1 4aSecondStory
This was fantastic! Really enjoyed it! We'll done!
5/22 c1 2bookwormology101
Is this a one shot or a story idea that may possibly in future continue? I honestly did enjoy it! I would love to read more!
5/16 c1 Afazel
I almost want to see the reactions to her background. Fantastic story!
5/11 c1 sandipi
This is a cool idea. I hope your muse inspires you to write more on this. Jarvis vs Batman on hacking might be interesting.
4/7 c1 800ninjas
No matter how many times I read this, I imagine a different conversation about the background check every time. It's kinda fun, though I'd certainly be interested in how you think that would go.
3/26 c1 12mlrthomas80
Loved it
2/23 c1 lifeoftheforgotten
Love it, would kinda be interested in the avengers reaction to said background checks.
2/1 c1 4Dreamer Rose
That was fabulous and I need more!
1/17 c1 erik
This is brilliant and I hope to see it continued.
1/16 c1 Greysh
nice -
1/15 c1 MystidPurple
I love this and really hope there is more some year, even if it's already marked as complete.
1/9 c1 Guest
In the immortal words of Oliver Twist- more please!
1/10 c1 MikeL59
I enjoyed this story a great; hope you come back to this universe to play some more.
12/19/2020 c1 Isahh
The piece of marvel(lous) crossover I did not know I needed. Pardon the pun, or not... I'm not apologetic.

MORE! MORE! I need more! This shall be my new oxigen!
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