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2/9 c3 PDS1
Thank you for tying up things so beautifully in the epilogue! It was such a joy to read about the dear sisters and other delightful characters after the weddings. Congratulations on a wonderfully written and engaging story!
2/9 c1 5LovetoRead613
I didn't get to read those last two chapters before you took it down :( Is there a way you could either send it to me or re-post it? Thanks!
2/8 c3 1nanciellen
Wonderful chapter. Thank you so very much for this gantastic story.
Wishing you and yours all the best.
2/8 c4 Colleen S
Brilliant story! I will watch for it to be published! Thank you!
2/7 c3 lpinney
lovely epilogue, and thank you for reposting the last 2 chapters. thank you for the story! i look forward to the next one.
2/7 c5 dianaanne
I enjoyed this; how do I review something I have not bought?
2/7 c4 Jansfamily4
2/7 c3 3DW.618
I'm very happy that I noticed the epilogue. It wraps everything up quite well...especially tying in the caricature of Caroline that Kitty drew so long ago! :-)
2/7 c2 5Kartos
Advertising is against the TOS for the site.
1/25 c1 RomanticLover1
I was really enjoying this story and it just disappeared! Could you please put it up for just a couple of days so I can finish reading it!

Normally there is a warning when you are going to remove a story - please do this in future so I know that I need to stay up all night to finish reading (God knows I would have for this story as it was so good!)
1/25 c1 6Dreams-Twilight
Je suis déçue j’etais au chapitre 25 malheureusement avec le travail j’ai pas pu finir un avertissement que vous alliez retirer l’histoire avant une date précise aurait été gentille. Je suis vraiment triste de pas connaître la fin
1/25 c1 readerUserName
I was really enjoying this story and suddenly all the chapters disappeared! Please put it back up
1/24 c1 3Imahappygirlreading
Very well done. You could have continued this even more. I will be happy to read it if you decide on a part 2.
1/24 c31 lpinney
I hope Mary and Richard formalize a courtship at least before you finish the stpry! Also, would be interested in an epilog to learn of Caro and Lyddie's fate! Thank you!
1/24 c30 lpinney
Very charming chapter! I like the Mary and Colonel combo. And like the idea of Darcy and Richard being brothers through marriage.

Small correction for this chapter: change all "tither" to "thither". There are 3 of them!
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