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for Harry Osborn(Unfortunately, abandoned)

6/4 c6 Cleopadrai
So. I would like to point out something. If you give him a Venom suit that can absorb other's abilities by bonding, you effectively run into the same problem as your last attempt at this fic. As soon as he discovers this, his powers will scale very quickly, effectively ending the story.
I have nothing against a symbiote, though using Venom is pretty cliche, but you may want to think about the character's direction.
5/9 c6 1lyraatheiraa
Eep! I'm hooked XD! Love, love, lovelovelovelovee! Can't wait for the next update
5/3 c1 Guest
Come now...you could atleast recreate the danvers accident? Or atleast have a partner like venom, osborn found venom and experimented on it in one of his labs i think? The quips were funny although he should have a bit more lines with harry.

If ya wont do the captain marvel thing atleast learn some magic bro you’ll be able to help wanda so she’ll really be a witch

I wanna see titans clash bro
4/16 c6 Bashleyz
Good. I wait the next. HarryxGwenxWanda justo 2 girls and no harem, DarkWeb.
4/16 c5 Bashleyz
4/16 c4 Bashleyz
Very nice.
4/16 c3 Bashleyz
Very Good.
4/16 c2 Bashleyz
4/16 c1 Bashleyz
4/15 c6 Tony McNucklz
I never could at take 'Nightcrawler' seriously as a name. The first time I heard it I wondered why a teleporter would be named after large worms. And there's not a chance in hell that MCU Tony Stark won't be absolutely miserable in his jokes. "wrigglin, invertebrate, you're the most courageous spineless bug I've ever met, oi creepy crawly, hey fish bait, oh great hook sitter" and on and on. Nightcrawler are big worms. you named your hero Big Worm.
4/15 c4 Tony McNucklz
shirt, I wonder how twisted that guy is that he needs to clarify that point to starngers.
4/15 c4 Tony McNucklz
Really? The "rape is evil" bit? Which certainly hasn't been so overused as the "I hate bullies" bit, and certainly has not been so overdone that it is virtually meaningless and utterly tropeish in the worst way?
If you need your character to beat a rapist into goo and kick him in the balls to signal your character takes issue with rape, you already failed in conveying the concept. The same way if I see someone wearing an anti-rape
4/12 c1 1Dezzal
I dislike that he is making webs and trying to be a spider man 2.0. Plus I'm gonna wait and see but I hope there is some upside of him actually taking both serums or else what would be the point.
3/19 c6 Guest
Please update soon
3/19 c6 Guest
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