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6/11 c3 Aliceinabookstore
Um excuse me, who gave you permission to break my heart into a million pieces, because I know I didn't. This actually made me cry, you're such an amazing author, keep writing Jiara fics! I've read all of yours so far, and they're my favorites.
6/6 c5 16RecliningHorizontally
Just read through all of this little gem, and I loved it :) You did a great job showing Kie and JJ's feelings for each other, the sense of being lost and finding support in that special someone. I (almost) always prefer canon ships, but it's so damn hard not to picture JJ and Kie as endgame ;)
Not surprisingly, I loved the chapter where Luke let his frustrations out on JJ, and I think it felt very true to character.
Thanks for sharing.
6/3 c5 Guest
Super good can’t wait to read the other prompts
6/1 c3 CC
This was soooo good! keep up the good work I absolutely love reading all of your books!
5/31 c2 Guest
Love it so good!
6/2 c4 21QueenOfHeartbreak
I feel better now. This chapter was a balm to my nerves about what you were going to do.
6/1 c3 3SugarFreeSeason
Oh JJ, you can't be relatively happy for 3 seconds can you
5/30 c1 Guest
Super good! Love it!
6/1 c3 21QueenOfHeartbreak
How dare you? I’m sorry, who gave you the right? This hurt. A lot. I’m upset. Damnit.
5/30 c1 OBX2040
I loved this so much, I really thought he was going to say it back
5/30 c1 SophieLove21093
Love it more please

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