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for Butt Dial

8/28 c13 pherman015
Love it, thank you for still writing. I will always read about these two characters.
6/2 c13 KellyDHarrison41
Just finished reading this story, it was great! Thank you
5/19 c13 RCKBNFSK
Absolutely loved your story. I like how you explained their thinking in a way the show didn't address.
Please write more for us.
4/13 c13 Genie Young
I loved the story and the connections to the show. Your version had better outcomes. Thank you
4/8 c6 gkregan
Liked how you got Castle back to the precinct, popped Hunt’s bubble about the possibility of Beckett’s availability! Looking forward to next chapter! Thank you for sharing your writing skills!
4/8 c5 gkregan
Even Alexis is helping! This is great!
4/8 c4 gkregan
Yes, the talk would be nice but what a twist to ‘The Limey’ story! Great idea! Can’t wait to see how this turns out.
4/8 c3 gkregan
Great chapter, can’t wait to read the conversation, finally! Thanks!
4/8 c2 gkregan
Talking is always good, right? Enjoying this story! Thank you!
4/8 c1 gkregan
Great beginning, always wondered what Castle would do if he knew of this conversation. Thanks!

PS Obviously, I’ve discovered your writings and am late to read your works but I’m enjoying each one!
3/4 c12 Guest
Love it
1/26 c7 iampeniel
I hate it when y’all make my stomach tie up in knots and I get that nauseous feeling,,,,this is gonna be good.
9/12/2020 c13 write.fiction.always
Loved this
9/1/2020 c13 3nelope34
I love that he mentioned the handcuffs! He would! I loved it. Thanks for your hard work ;)
8/26/2020 c3 1mobazan27
Gahhhh! Their lack of communication skills is beyond legendary. Sometimes I just want to hug them so tight until they poop bones. They need tough love.
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