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for Two Heads Are Better Than One

6/5/2020 c1 3WinterYule
Start off with action right off the bat. I wonder what exactly got her in that situation in the first place? But it must be an exciting day to encounter a two headed dragon chasing you down. Though I do pity her, they weren’t being gentle at all at least at first. It’s a miracle she didn’t die. I do find it funny that the legend mistaken them for lovers. Wonder if a poet caught glimpses of them and decided yeah hmm...two heads one body...yep! They’re lovers. Though I can see that they’re hurt when one of the other is hurt. Wonder who is the one that cast the curse on them. It’s a pretty grisly curse. Imagine if one of them get stabbed by spears. Seeing them try to deal with her is funny, wonder if Tyki was imagining himself married to Rey and got frustrated because he has to reasoned with her for her to listen. Lmao, though I guess Sheril have Tricia who is less likely to bite back but probably have her own ways or dealing with him. A sad homesick Rey is a sad Rey though I guess she realized that Tyki and Road were homesick too so I’m glad she came back. Their domestic life is kinda cute with all the arguing back and forth. I wondered what happened after she lift the curse, why was she wounded instead. Though I’m glad she got back to Niko and Allen. They can go adventure together!

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