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7/13/2020 c1 13lowercaseenderman
That was a fun read, I've read a few stories about how Chomper and Guido first met while he was babysitting but this was probably my favorite version of it, well done
6/14/2020 c1 Eris
Awesome oneshot. Very fascinating, exciting and funny,
Hope you write more stories.
6/2/2020 c1 26Keijo6
It's clear that you still know how to do first-person stories after the Threehorn Way and it worked very well here. Guido is certainly a character whose inner thoughts might deviate from those of most others and you made them justice here. The plot overall was pretty funny and it also showed how the glider met Chomper and Ruby, a plot point many (including me) appreciate.

To be sure, Guido babysitting Tricia isn’t something her parents would be too crazy about but Petrie’s plea for help and Guido’s awkward but eventual agreement was done pretty nicely. You surely managed to show just how greatly the duo appreciate each other and even if Guido was far from excited about that job, it was clear he couldn’t deny a request from the flyer after all the good things he had just thought about him.

And sure, the start of his time together with Tricia was a comic one and the way the hatchling trampled over him literally is something I can see happening to the glider. That was pretty fun but the following scene was also pretty well done. It was enjoyable to see how the trio met and Guido’s reaction was a believable one. Chomper’s natural reaction to Guido’s fear worked quite well and Ruby also sounded like herself even if she could have been a bit more assertive in that scene.

And in the ending, Petrie and Guido’s reunion was what you could suspect. Petrie knew he asked a lot from Guido but the latter of course isn’t going to start any argument with the flyer. However, the next deal they made is also a pretty good premise to the TV series and to Guido and Petrie’s adventure. In that way, this tale fit very well into the storyline of the TV series and it also highlighted your strengths as a writer once again.
6/1/2020 c1 8Anagnos
Ah, babysitting… one of the worst or best experiences you can endure in life. Personally, I would not wish to be one for anyone’s child, for I fear I would be quite clumsy in this task. The amount of jokes you decided to put into this story is just ridiculously amusing. At the very least you’ll crack a smile at one of them in this story, like what happened to me.

Seldom there are stories out there that depict Guido so that expands his part in the franchise. Like Rhombus said, he isn’t the first pick when it comes to character selection and the large variety of different characters in the series likely play a huge role in securing the glider’s position as one of the most unrecognized characters to utilize in fiction. But you have done it and in five days assembled a story that has been hinted in the past, but no attempt to make it has been done, until you did it.

Some might have noticed the same as I while reading the opening: Petrie’s judgment in character was given quite a bit of light in regards to Guido and his abilities, for I don’t believe that Petrie and by extension the rest of the gang (because why wouldn’t they have a hand in it as well?) would offer a chance to take care of one of their siblings for the day just for anyone. But we have to remember that since Guido saved Tricia, this likely heavily enforced his status in the valley in his favor.

We’d already been served an excerpt of what the first encounter between Guido, Ruby and Chomper was like from the glider’s reaction to the friendly sharptooth in particular way back in the day in Hermit of the Black Rock. It showed that despite having met and being on friendly terms with them both, Guido still harbored some form of distrust as his body language and overall behavior suggested.

It was interesting how one day managed to turn Guido’s head around the fact that he’d have to babysit a child he’d only met a few times in the past, let alone saved. At first he wasn’t very happy about his short-term duty in Cera’s place, especially since he was kind of coerced into it by Petrie. But being the good glider Samaritan he is, Guido pushed his doubts and emotions aside and the result was a lovely and encompassing day with Tricia. You can clearly see how fast he became attached to the young threehorn fairly quickly, even becoming slightly sad since at the end of the day, he had to part ways with his temporary charge.

Now for the more critical points of my review, I was a bit confused as to how Guido didn’t have any knowledge about Ruby and Chomper beforehand. Even if he didn’t have much influence in the valley’s decision making when the duo was allowed to enter and live in the valley, surely at least one of the gang or valley residents would have informed him of it, the most likely candidate being Petrie. They’re a bit too close for them to keep secrets from each other and in this case, Petrie’s reason did not qualify as valid. Furthermore, Guido likely has earned the trust of majority in the valley for the simple, yet valiant act by saving Tricia.

Petrie has had a taste of karma, for the service he forced upon poor Guido was not a free one as the glider himself expressed so. You can hardly fault him for feeling this way and had Petrie actually refused, it would have caused everlasting damage to their friendship. Petrie is the best candidate for this task, for the flyer practically was responsible for helping Guido discover his talent with gliding in the first place.

I quite liked the first person perspective here and you did a good job to make it work. Though, I was a bit disappointed that this story did not offer much in the way of tension. You could have had Guido be placed in more troublesome situations while babysitting Tricia. That would have made it more suspenseful and interesting in the long term, but this was still gallant story and I did like it in the end despite my comments.
6/1/2020 c1 20The Rhombus
Now this was certainly a treat to read! :) Guido is in many ways one of those characters that seems to avoid significant notice in fanfictions, except, occasionally, as a secondary character. I know that I have certainly been guilty of this in my own works. So to read a story that not only gets deep into Guido's thought process and mindset, and to do so in a first-person perspective no less, is quite something to behold. When you add to this the fact that this story was cobbled together in five days for a ridiculous reason, it makes it all seem fated that this is how such a story would come about. Because knowing Guido, no story involving him would come about in a straightforward manner. Nonetheless this story glided to the finish line.

Bad puns aside, let's get to my review...

The Guido presented here is a very organic character, where one can see clearly how he ticks mentally. He analyzes things very rationally from his point of view, but is both over-observant of certain things from the viewpoints of others, and under-observant of other things. This undoubtedly leads to awkwardness in his interactions of others and the occasional over-cautiousness when confronting new situations. Despite this over-cautiousness, he is led on quite the misadventure as he not only babysits Tricia but is confronted with an unexpected surprise in the form of the friendly sharptooth himself.

..actually now I can kind of see why Guido tries to be over-cautious. His plans always seem to misfire. Thankfully this was a "friendly" surprise. :p

This story also highlights the friendship between Petrie and Guido, and the unforeseen consequences of asking a rather unfair favor from a friend. Though Petrie is reluctant to accept Guido's request for a favor in return, he does eventually accept his friend's request. This actually makes me want to see more interactions between Petrie and Guido from Guido's first-person perspective. This is because I think the depiction of Guido here is spot on, both in terms of what we know of Guido's interactions in the films and television series, but also in connecting the dots, so to speak, in how to make all of his mannerisms make sense in the context of how a person really thinks. It is quite hard to depict a character so realistically, and in the first-person perspective no less, and as such you should be proud of this work. :)

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