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for Darth Xander

8/17 c3 7Yoda1976
First...I don't know if English is your first language or not, but the grammer REALLY makes this hard to read, the lack of quotes when people are speaking is really bad.

Second, a bit much with the Buffy hate. Sure she's got her faults, but to say she has no leadership qualities and should NEVER be put in charge of anything is a bit much.

Third, this isn't Xander, he's more Maul than Xander. Xander would have NEVER said that to Willow. Someone needs to point that out. He's got Maul's skills and power, but none of his discipline. He's got all of Maul's anger and hate but being a Sith is WAY more than being a wrecking ball.
8/11 c1 Guest
'Xander dresses as' yet another excuse for Buffy bashing...
6/19 c1 Random Dude
I think you should try to write more than one page before calling it three chapters. There is a thing called pacing. Your "Story" shows that you dont know what it is.
6/18 c2 mobulis
So the powers basically said do what they say or die.
6/17 c2 lil26jay
I like it can't wait to read more of it
6/17 c2 Chi Vayne
Kind of harsh with Buffy there. She may have complained but did the 'job' she was forced into
6/3 c1 Guest
No more ideas than 'Xander dresses as'...?
5/31 c1 Chi Vayne
Very promising start, although I believe 'snuggly' should have been 'smugly',
5/31 c1 Guest
Ok, just to be clear, anything done under janus' spell is not xander's fault, he did not kill Angel, darth maul did. Why is buffy blaming him?
5/31 c1 24Sentinel1977
nice one. I liked it. Keep it up.

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