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for Nightmares in Daydreams

6/2 c1 4FrostedMerry
I was interested in reading this but there seems to be some left over notes from a editor within the story that makes it quite difficult to read.
6/2 c1 2chocolatiew
I. Had. So. Much. Fun. READING THIS WHOEEERJDJDIDBDJSJS BLARGH I also love the interactions between the characters,,,they are all so precious thank you for writing this one-shot! Oof and omg I also love your friend’s comments here and there lol I gotta say I relate to all of them ><
6/1 c1 4ValiantWarrior37
wanted to leave a review again, because it was amazing!
loved it Panda!
6/1 c1 19JellyLollie

I don't know if that was on purpose but are those your beta's comments? Reading them made me laugh out loud, yo xD

BLACK GLITTER PONIES! Yes! I love that. And also Jack and Kristoff being bros and protecting the gals!

The concept that Elsa would have some power that could counterbalance the nightmares is really interesting, you could totally explore that one in a multi-chap! I know it was for the project, but perhaps this could be split into a two-shot?

Thanks for writing this! I enjoyed reading this very much!
6/1 c1 3Katsa Graceling
Hahaha sorry secret siren xD not today

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