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for Battle Scars

6/11/2020 c1 10Disney-fr3ak
I love this so much!
6/1/2020 c1 2chocolatiew
a well-packed story with a fucking train of feelings hitting me right on the heart HDJDJSAJHDJSJA I LOVE THIS MAN I kinda lowkey you pulled off a Jack Dawson reference “I can’t. I’m involved now.” but bLARGH THIS IS PERFECT ALREADY THANK YOU FOR THISSHFJSJS I love the panic attack content too NOT that I love panic attack it fucking sucks but I love how you picture such a heart-thumping scene of it! I applaud you for this thank you love you bless you
6/1/2020 c1 20JellyLollie
MY POOR BABYGIRL! This was so heart-wrenching, dude. I could really see this one turning into a multi-chapter. So bittersweet. I really love this. You're awesome. Thanks for writing this.
5/31/2020 c1 16Fangirl DC
Damn. I read this story for second time and it hit me just like the first time. It is really well-written (what else can I expect from you lol), you don't explain Elsa or Jack’s pasts but you give us hints to understand what happened. The heavy atmosphere... I was happy and excited because of the project but after I read the story, I feel down, your story just pulls the reader and throws a lot of angst. But then Jack saves Elsa and supports her, even they have just met, it is clear that these two will have a healthy relationship. I like this, no romance but the in the future, we know they will fall love... I want to say, I am really honored that I was the beta reader of the story, even though you didn't need my help, I am still delighted.

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