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4h c43 Phillies2
I'm sorry it got to that point for you. I myself took a break from the fandom and try to just enjoy it for what it is individually as any opinion is divisive. I really enjoyed your story up to this. May the force be with you
11h c43 Shazamfan
I was hyped to see an update only tk be crushed by the news that there would be no more of this amazing story that I only now discovered.

As a former fanfic written driven to most just sharing tales now with a small group I understand how negative feedback and petty gripes can drive one off.

And as a fan of SW since I saw it during the original theater run then got every book and comic I too saw Kenobi as a breaking point. The SW I knew and loved is dead. Hurts to say it but that is a truth.

All I can hope is that with time perhaps you will return to give us more.

May the Force Be With You
21h c43 Anonymous
Just came back recently and I am saddened by your decision to no longer continue the story. I bid you farewell
8/17 c43 1HeroicRebellion
And thus, another fan has been struck down by the scum and villainy that dared to call itself the “fans”. Shameful. Remember when they caused me to hang up my badge as a fan (I’m still enjoying all of the films and have no care for anyone who says otherwise. What you gonna do, kill me?). Here’s hoping you can find a new path somewhere where there’ll be less pain. Thanks for making it this far
8/17 c43 iamleath
i am very sorry to see this fic ended especially this way. i tend to ignore haters of any aspects i enjoy in the genre and I am always willing to have sensible discussions why. I understand where you were going with this and I will try and read other stuff you write as your quality is good.
8/16 c36 060896
Imagine Guts from the Berserk Manga, in the Star Wars Universe, with a huge-ass Mandalorian sword.
8/16 c43 wearedeadpool
well this sucks, but at last, it's your decision.

personally, I have sometimes seen as well how the Fandom reacts to stuff like that, although in the end, I tend to just ignore it, given that it's their opinion and not my own.

also, even with what happened in the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, I am still a fan of Star Wars, probably because given of how I am, I can never truly leave it (just like how many people left the MCU during Phase 4 or after Endgame came out, I'm still watching the MCU movies and shows, cause just like with Star Wars, I'm with the MCU till the end).
8/16 c43 10Lucynda-Raciak
Kinda sad you decided to leave (especially since I found this story after you wrote ch42 and was waiting for an update) but you do you I guess. Personally I don't think people should influence your enjoyment of the story but if you truly lost passion for it I hope you'll find a different fandom to have fun and maybe you can return to galaxy far far away when you feel like it
8/15 c43 5rst64tlc
Honestly, I'm sad your ending this here but I understand why your doing this. Even I hate it when people ask for updates to my own stories. The updates will happen when it happens, no since in rushing it.

Just to let you know there are some toxicity in GI, something about a group hating Arknights CN or something, idk I think the whole hate battle is straight off stupid. Anyways good luck in the future and thanks for the story you made.
8/15 c43 1Twilightchick16
As much as I wish you had made through ROTJ, I respect your decision to stop working on this story. It was an incredible work.
8/15 c43 4Talhulla
And it's exactly why i try not to read unfinish story.

Between the start and the end of a writing everything can happend.

Losing the love for the source material is nothing to be ashemed of and it's ok

If i can just give you a advice for your next aventure in writing?

Don't publish before finish the work. You can edite when publishing, but your story and each chapter should be writing.

It's help when you lost love for the source material and it's help when reader try to change your mind about things in your story.

I wish you all the best for your next writing.

I deleted you story from my favorite not bc it's bad but bc it's unfinish i hope you understand.

Good luck
8/14 c43 Webb
Thanks for all your time you have taken to write a great work. I’ve really enjoyed reading it and am going to miss your thoughts and ideas. I get where you are coming from with the vast range in the fandom of Star Wars and the super excessive nit pickers out there they need to let people have fun. I agree the Vader should have killed reva but plot armor is hard to break. Again thanks for your story.
8/14 c43 colehockey12
I understand bro believe me it could not have been easy I loved this fic and was excited for another but at the end of the day it's your choice, thank you for writing one of my top 10 favorite fanfictions as I have been reading many over the last 8-9 years
8/14 c43 Dan Ryuga
Can someone adopt this book and try to finish it since you Discontinued it?
8/14 c43 Joinnpoint
sorry that this is how the story end but yeah. The Fandom and the story of Star Wars has changed too much that your not the only one who stopped following it.
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