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5h c45 MoonShadow2003
Omg, you came back, thank u so much for the update, it make me so happy, i think they really like to compare Luke with Anakin but they forgot Padme, he really is like her in this film, i have a question, you going to put the scene of Luke in The Mandalorian? Just thinking about it, i wish you well and i hope you're good.
5/26 c45 4Leapyearbaby29
I loved this! I can’t wait for the next chapter! I need everyone to find out who Leia really is?
5/26 c44 Leapyearbaby29
Please update soon.
5/26 c43 Leapyearbaby29
I hope we see Luke and Leia say they’re twins.
5/26 c42 Leapyearbaby29
Why did the join the Sith?
5/26 c41 Leapyearbaby29
Why didn’t they learn who Leia was? Why change the dialogue?
5/26 c40 Leapyearbaby29
And the truth of it all comes out.
5/26 c39 Leapyearbaby29
And so it begins.
5/26 c38 Leapyearbaby29
Oh. We’re about to find out Luke and Leia are twins.
5/26 c37 Leapyearbaby29
Oh boy.
5/26 c36 Leapyearbaby29
So the kids got an easy way out is what Yoda is saying b
5/26 c35 Leapyearbaby29
Ooh boy. I hope this is updated soon.
5/26 c34 Leapyearbaby29
Anakin should’ve relaized what he did. He was shocked by what he did.
5/26 c33 Leapyearbaby29
Why aren’t we seeing the return of the Jedi?
5/26 c30 Leapyearbaby29
I hope we see The Return of the Jedi.
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