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for What the Future Holds

10/1/2020 c13 3Mikazuki Augus1

i meant chapter 14
10/1/2020 c13 Mikazuki Augus1
its either I'm delusional or my ff app is bugged i could've sworn there was a chapter 13
9/26/2020 c13 10prjones339
I love this fic so much. Idk if you plan on doing the prequel trilogy or not (Anakin and Padmé will definately have a LOT of explaining to do), but if you do and you get to the massacre of the separatists, could you please use the novelization version? It's so punny, and twisted, and Vader, I love it
9/25/2020 c13 Agent N
A great ending of A New Hope. The next chapter will be Interlude part. I imagine if you bring Future Ahsoka Tano to join them before heading to watch The Empire Strikes Back.

Future Ahsoka(Post Rebels finale/ROTJ version) will called "Fulcrum" on that story and she will reveal a bit of events about the Siege of Mandalore, the Jedi Order's downfall, the rise of the Empire as well as her battle against Vader but never reveal others until the famous 'I am your father' scene.

That would be a great oppurtunity when Fulcrum appears to them and reveal she is the one who send a Holovids to show the dark future.
9/25/2020 c13 dark knight discord
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hermoso me encanto ya espero la continuacion me encanto felicidades
9/25/2020 c13 Guest
I’m just saying when you get to the Luke vs Vader fight in empire strikes back can you maybe us this version /i-Xn9zWJTvk. Despite being animated it’s a very well done fight
9/25/2020 c13 20StoryMaker7
i can't wait for the next one. i hope they see a bit of caleb and rex and even ahsoka.
9/25/2020 c13 Chris Redfield-General Chaos
Before you continue, please go back through and edit those ruby mistakes, there's no excuse for their continued existance. They take away from an otherwise decent story.
9/25/2020 c13 34Ruby Silverstar
Aw yiss, this was satisfying.
9/25/2020 c13 8Clearwing Yuta
Great ending for A New Hope!
9/25/2020 c13 Fortitude501

The first of the original trilogy is done. 2 more to go.

Out of curiosity Fleeting, will you including scenes from Jedi Fallen Order like Cal Kestis helping Saw liberating the Wookies?

The reaction of the Council seeing Jedi Master Cere being alive along with the reaction of seeing how far Talon Malicos has fallen.

Cal's victory against one of the empire's inquisitors.

Witnessing how Trilla had fallen and her death in the hands of Vader.

Just wondering since the game takes place before Rebels and Rogue One even started.
9/25/2020 c13 roldancasas73
Amazing chapter keep up the good work
9/25/2020 c13 28TheMistyBlackCloud
I knew it was good to watch your story since it would be good to watch 1 through 6 with these characters.
9/25/2020 c13 edeath756
Is this gonna cover the clone wars series too like with fives like how he found out the truth etc?
9/24/2020 c12 dark knight discord
joder otro gran capitulo
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