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12/2/2023 c43 Guest
I am sorry you feel that way, and hope that sometime in the future you get into star wars again. I think it might be a good Idea for your mental health, if you stoped using X(twitter) or what ever they rebrand to next (ex. Y). Best of luck and hope your post-secondary goes well.
11/22/2023 c43 1oOAshookaOo
Well you certainly aren't suited for the world of fanfiction. What excatly is your issue with people asking for updates? And why are you so offended there might be *gasp* non straight people in the source material? get over yourself
10/30/2023 c43 Guest
It's too bad that one guy who attempted to continue this on Ao3 suddenly vanished taking the fic down with him.

I don't know what happened and it sucks that it's gone.

Unless there were idiots in the comments that made him suddenly quit?
10/26/2023 c42 Axccel
Naboo is the perfect world for a new sect of Jedi that Anakin could potentially create. They’d, I think, turn out to be more like the pre-Exar Kun era Jedi, give his character.
10/26/2023 c43 Axccel
I hear about the fandom being divided, but I have yet to actually witness a fan of the Disney stuff whether in real life or online. The closest are people who see the political links to real life and cheer for that and people who just want an action flick and enjoyed them for that without caring about the story.

I don’t think that counts as divided.

And I need to get on Genshin Impact, I downloaded it but played almost none. So much good stuff backlogged to read and play. I want to try Honkai Starrail as well but haven’t even downloaded it yet.
10/26/2023 c15 Axccel
The scariest part is when the guy escapes Vader and ar one point when he stops (trips I think), the camera shifts to show Vader is right behind him despite the man running and Vader just marching.
10/26/2023 c14 Axccel
I mean, the war would just cause the people to look up to the Jedi even more as their guardians and now as leaders. But, George isn’t all that bright and we already know that. Imaginative, but kinda dumb.
10/26/2023 c40 Axccel
Actually, the Jedi did not train to refight the last war. They banned most of their combat and even advanced healing techniques, forbade the wearing of armor, started yoinking children and rejecting anyone older than a toddler (there used to be a minimum age of fifteen or presumably analogous age by species, though they would accept Force-sensitive children given to them it still was their choice when old enough), accepting only one Padawan each and throwing the rest in the garbage, and other idiotic decisions.

And the Sith have really been extinct about four thousand years. The “Sith” of the Dark Brotherhood were merely Darksiders calling themselves Sith. Even Bane didn’t bother learning the Sith ways from holocrons and instead only cared about the techniques despite his reverence for Revan.

The Jedi became self-defeating morons and the Sith were replaced by cosplayers stealing their name. And the Galactic Republic was a pathetic abomination of what the Republic had been for tens of thousands of years. Oh, and defanged, that too.

The Ruusan Reformation was the worst decision in the Star Wars galaxy. Ever. It honestly is so bad that it looks as if the true Sith wrote it to fuck everyone over. But no, the designers and signatories were just that stupid.
10/26/2023 c9 Axccel
Obi-Wan lost two women he loved and if I remember correctly both died in his arms.

He truly is the perfect Jedi and an incredibly good man. It’s no surprise he’s held in such high esteem by the fandom.

Also, stormtrooper helmets project a holographic view, the eyes are cameras.
10/26/2023 c27 Axccel
"You would rather defend a Sith Lord in the making?"
I think "Look whose talking" would have fit in there very nicely. He is acting like a Sith.
10/26/2023 c29 Axccel
It doesn't help that there are powerful healing techniques that are locked away due to, presumably, requiring emotion or connection to use. He was refused, which is why he sought other alternatives. Not that something like that should be locked away in the first place...
10/23/2023 c43 CloudsittingKit
I understand your reasonings behind leaving the Fandom. It's one of many reasons I only read the fanfiction now, because it shows the love for the stories that people put their hearts into, whether or not it's true to source material. Thank you for writing a well written but also comically funny story. I very much enjoyed it and look forward to reading all of your work. ️
10/14/2023 c43 Ken443
I am writing this in October of 2023 over a year after the author of this story said they would no longer update it. This is one of the best Star Wars watching the future stories I’ve ever read. It is a great shame that the author has stopped writing this story but from the information given it seems to be a good choice for the author. The fact that they said they had run out of enthusiasm to write this story because of the fandom is a disgusting thing that is the fandoms fault. The only thing I have to say on the fandom is that nobody that is happy with their life will get that offended over fictional characters. And Disney is massacring the franchise.
10/5/2023 c1 Cameron Jordan
for example I watch my hero academia yet I've not really Interacted with the toxic fandom of that show
10/5/2023 c1 Cameron Jordan
this was a great story and if you ever change your mind awesome but you don't have to associate with the fandom to write stuff like this just use the material that you think is good and ignore haters that think otherwise it's your story.
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