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for What the Future Holds

4/7 c43 Rizky Zhafran
Do you already have the chapters saved in your files or are you still writing em ?
4/7 c44 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter!
Looking forward to reading much more!
4/7 c44 5Jack Redhawke
Question, have you done the Andor prison break scene? It's been a while so I dont remember
4/7 c44 DeathCrawler
great to see this updated and not a april fools joke like many feared
4/7 c44 1DuneCrafterLP
Ohhhhhh, im so excited to see this Story making a comeback !
Great work !
4/6 c44 6AllHailThe99th
Nice chapter, although the formatting for the bold text is a little messed up in some of the paragraphs towards the end of the chapter. I can't wait to see their reactions to Luke using his lightsaber after R2 throws it to him.
4/6 c44 Lord Halcyon
So glad your muse has returned, Can't wait for more!
4/6 c44 Mexishark
This is sweet not only did the party train start but its on its way rather quickly. I am still curious what they will say about Luke force choking considering thats a dark side move, we will see soon enough though it seems.
4/6 c2 5Gamelover41592
new chapter 44 review: Awesome work on this chapter and now it begins
4/6 c44 thedarkwolf95
yay your back
4/6 c44 fallendemon248
I can't wait especially since they'll learn leia is lukes sister
4/6 c43 Guest
I honestly thought the fan rendition of the Mustafar duel between Anakin and Obi-wan was well done. Also, I think the whole "Lost Files" fic would be a great idea because it would be a great way to show more of Ahsoka's future (including how she survived), and Obi-Wan's two duels with Vader before Episode IV.
4/6 c44 Rizky Zhafran
How long will it take,, i can't wait for their reaction on the space battle on Endor...IT WOULD BE FANTASTIC
4/5 c43 Doubt
I'm having doubts that this is truly legitimate since this was update before April Fools Day... plus considering how short this chapter is...
4/4 c43 Guest
Thank you for continuing the series
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