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4/5 c43 christianvirtudazo07
Im having doubts that this is legit cause you released this on April Fools
4/4 c1 mustafa 2
my prayers have been answered. its not always that a react fic of good quality is finished
4/3 c44 BakerBen101
It's back! Yeah baby!
4/3 c44 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm glad to see you back. I can understand if you feel burnt out due to Disney's franchise mismanagement. Nowadays, I tend to ignore Disney's bad fanfiction about Star Wars, unless the community has a positive response to it, like Andor, for instance. However, we can always look back at the old stuff, and they can never take that away from us, no matter how awful things may become.
4/3 c44 German
Автор продолжение фикбук завтра 04 апреля
4/3 c44 Aleksej
Через сколько будет прода ?
4/3 c1 Aleksej
Через сколько будет прода
4/3 c44 Dracon90
Happy you came back to finish this if nothing else. Bit disappointed you are kind of ignoring the inquisitors and the end of chapter 42.
4/3 c44 7fuji92
so I am surprised you decided to continue this despite saying you are done with Star Wars. I am grateful you decided to continue this and giving it a closure, Now I shall patiently awaits your updates.
4/2 c44 15gammaxmen80
I thought you ended this?
4/2 c43 16Zhorvak
YES! IT'S BACK! It is the return of two jedi actually, one of them is the writer of course
4/2 c43 1ShinyGiratinaA001
My friend! you have returnd to us! Please do finish this off!
4/1 c43 Mexishark
I have been waiting for this moment! You have to pick and choose what you choose to like in star wars these days! I still love it. I love Clone wars, rebels, Mandalorian, Obi Wan, those were good shows Bad Batch is great! The new triology sucks, acolyte is going to suck, boba sucked, just pick and choose. But I love this I have read this over and over again. I am curious on their take of Luke force choking people haha
4/1 c44 4The OC Maniac
Holy shit. You're back? Damn. I had finally resigned to this story remaining forever unfished, and then this pops up. I look forward to seeing how the characters react to TRUE finale of Star Wars
4/1 c43 ApolloSol
hey dude! it's been a long time cominh but man! this was unexpected

i know star wars is shit right we all know that but some of us are holding on...
we're all supporting you, dont write if you dont enjoy it
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