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for What the Future Holds

4/1 c43 2DannyPhantom619
4/1 c43 Zero
4/1 c44 Zero
4/1 c44 Guest
YAYYYY! Welcome back! This is my favorite Star Wars watch the future fanfic! I’m so happy to see it return.
4/1 c44 Guest
que significa eso de publicar en 43
3/31 c43 Guest
Got an update for this, yet can't find it.
4/1 c43 DeathCrawler
great to see this updated again
4/1 c43 Achillies453
“Unexpected but not unwelcome”. But in all seriousness I was surprised to see this in my recently updated post. Please don’t let this be an Aprils fools day joke. This story is amazing and hope to see it completed. Understandable for having to make a separate spin-off for the all your original plans. Well glad to see you updating this story again and looking forward to see it fully completed.
4/1 c43 Chazo136
The man himself is back, so happy you’ve returned. This was such a fun story to read honestly.
4/1 c44 11mgman
If this is not an April Fools joke, then it's good to see you come back to this story my friend.
4/1 c43 25GojiraFan455516
Holy shit.
It's back.
He's back. . .
4/1 c44 4RXWriter
I really hope this isn't an April Fool's Day prank.

Nevertheless I'm so glad this is going to get a proper conclusion. I just re-read this whole fic so I was ecstatic to see it updated.

Think I know what fan animation you're talking about. Another reason for people to love it!
4/1 c44 2Eclipse Metastar
4/1 c44 7Animefortin95
... This better not be an April Fools joke...
4/1 c43 3BlazerRaylock
Well! Welcome back! Hoping to see this reach the end and even an Epilogue Exerpt on how the Jedi defied the future they saw?

All the same. Huzza! Keep up the great work.
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