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for What the Future Holds

4/14 c44 1Flumerfelt92
oh boy! here we go!

so excited for this you have no idea.

honestly can't wait until he Jedi see Anakin turn back to light it's gonna be amazing!

please keep up the great work at your own pace
4/14 c32 17DS2010
I always loved Obi-Wan using the blaster on Greivous and then saying so uncivilized
4/14 c31 DS2010
really enjoying the reactions from our audience
4/14 c44 Guest
Hope makes a return. Luke will show them how he brought Anakin back. Palpatine made a mistake threatening his son. And he paid for it. Attachment brought him to the darkside. Attachment brought him back to the light. Along with Luke's faith that his father was still in there. Sith hate love, Jedi need to embrace it along with compassion and kindness. Thinking they were above emotions or fearing attchments was a downfall of the Jedi order. Along with their arrogance and ignorance. Great writing!
4/14 c40 Guest
Yeah, Obi-wan leaving Anakin like he did. It was the final step in creating Vader. I think a hug would have worked better than a lightsaber. It's still the EPIC lightsaber battle though.
4/14 c39 Guest
The EPIC lightsaber battle is about to start. It makes me sad though. Anakin and Obi-wan were very close.
4/14 c36 Guest
Sometimes, I think why couldn't Palpatine have said, "Order 65", by mistake. He would have done him self in. Instead of the Jedi and a bunch of innocent children. Because if Anakin or Vader wouldn't have done in the children. The Clones would have.
4/14 c34 Guest
Order 66. It wiped out more Jedi than Anakin did at the Temple. And it finished turning the Clones into slaves.
4/14 c28 DS2010
I always like the Invisible hand it really showed the manipulations of Anakin
4/14 c27 DS2010
Figures Windu's first thoughts is to kill Anakin
4/14 c44 2ArrowForLife
So happy ur back
4/13 c29 Guest
Yeah, the Jedi screwed up. Anakin knows that Palpatine was no friend. Now.
4/13 c27 Guest
Poor Anakin! Wow, Padme told them the truth. That'll change the future. Mace Windu behaved like a jerk. Anakin felt remorse after her found out he was Vader.
4/13 c26 Guest
Anakin has a very good chance of not turning to the dark side. Mace Windu needs to calm down and think!
4/13 c22 Guest
Yeah, Rex and Obi-wan will need to restrain Anakin. If he sees Han Solo in the future. When he finds out Leia is his daughter. Han Solo will be on the endangered list.
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