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9/26/2022 c26 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Im starting to think the real reason you abandoned this, is because you're too stupid to understand that YOU DONT SWITCH TENSES MID SENTENCE. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.
9/20/2022 c43 8Ghostrapper1
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Curse you toxic fandoms! You caused a great story to be discontinued. Dammit and here I was waiting to see their reactions to Cal’s fight. Well, it was a good time while it lasted and it was the best time as well.
9/20/2022 c1 mrfanfiction1000
you know if i had really good drawing talents... i would make a comic version of it..

omg someone pls make a comic version of it.. or even better.. animated
9/15/2022 c43 Grimlock23ghost
This was a wonderful story and I enjoyed reading very much. I'm only sorry that the fandom drove you away before you could finish it. May the force be with you as well
9/6/2022 c43 Guest
Has someone adopted this story, if someone has, where can I find it?
9/5/2022 c43 15FleetingSpectre
To those who are asking to adopt this. Do whatever the fuck you want with this, but use a different formula. And DON'T post reviews on my other fics about this one. It's plain insulting.
9/4/2022 c43 CrystalKaouri
If this is discontinued, may I adopt it? I have an AO3 account where I can post it. My account name is "CrystalKaouri" there too.
9/3/2022 c43 44Zero Arashi Uchiha
I am utterly dissapointed to see this end like this. This in my opinion is the best Star Wars reaction fic! and is the ONLY reaction fic i enjoyed. Its a shame you ended it like this. Hopefully i'll find something similar to this. Like i really wanted to see Anakin and Pademe's reaction to Leia as their daughter. I MOST DEFINITELY wanted to see their reaction to the revealing outfit Leia was forced to wear by Jabba. Its sad to see this story die. But i understand why you can no longer update it. Disney in somewhat way ruined star wars. Only good ones i liked are the book of boba fett. Bad Batch. Obi Wan series. Looking forward to the Ashoka series. Now the movies were a dissapointment force awakens, last jedi and rise of skywalker. Well good day fellow author hope someday you will find it in your heart to bring this back
9/2/2022 c43 yanis77zitouni
Salut je voudrais continuer ton histoire est ce que je pourrais reprendre ton travail et faire moi même une suite
9/1/2022 c12 15FleetingSpectre
To Helljumper206

Actually no. That wasn't the fic. I took ideas from a fanfic that was deleted some time ago by Old Wolf Logan and I took the liberty in making this fic with my own formula
9/1/2022 c12 12Helljumper206
You copied and pasted a bit off "the Smuggler Faunus" By All Hail Megatron. I should know I'm the editor.

Also, you left Blakes name out in bold during the Death Star escape and can recognize my writing in the Vader Vs Obi.

I'm not mad. But be careful about doing stuff like that. Some people would take that personally and use that as an attack on you.
8/31/2022 c14 wearedeadpool
so before Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 (like in the 2000s), the only things George Lucas considered canon were the original 6 movies and the 2008 Clone Wars show, other stuff like the Thrawn trilogy weren't seen as canon in George's eyes, then when Disney made the old canon into the EU/Legends in 2014, only the original 6 movies and the 2008 Clone Wars show remained as canon, so yeah.
8/31/2022 c43 Jook
He didn’t fuck up the line at all
8/30/2022 c43 Cumber cast
Es horrible que te hayas dejado influenciar por las personas, si tú pasión se fue, no e culpa de nadie más que tuya, sinceramente, y es una lastima que no aprecies Star Wars cómo otros millones lo haceny nunca dejan de hacerlo
Pero culpar al fandom de tu recaída o cambio de humor es estúpido, decir "estoy mal por el, por ella" es de cobarde, y decir que lo dejas, como si fuera un "castigo" por así decirlo, es aún más estúpido
Si los fans discuten es porque odian que arruinen algo que aman
8/30/2022 c39 Lady Di
Te equivocas, anakin no tenía ojos amarillos mientras peleaba con Obi wan, porque no lo odiaba, aún estaba en debate, solo cuando obi wan lo descuartizó fue que sus ojos se volvieron amarillos, por su odio
Es algo muy importante esto, de verdad deberías corregirlo
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