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for What the Future Holds

5/15 c45 edithboerst6
Yeah. The plan goes side ways then up and down. And they still prevail. Hope comes later on. When Luke shows the Jedi what hope really is. He managed to bring Anakin back when all hope looked lost. Great writing! Loved it! Thank you!
5/15 c45 19Ander Arias
First of all, congrats for reaching 2K reviews. Few fics reach such a milestone.

Yeah, I guess Tales of the Empire was too low deck to include in this kind of story. Though while I think Elspeth is not interesting enough to carry her own story, I think the Barris episodes were pretty decent.

Also, I think you need to do some proofreading before uploading new chapters, given that there were many spaces missing between words, making reading a bit difficult.
5/15 c45 2xukaiwen
I really enjoyed this idea. I can feel the emotion you wrote with. Well done!
5/15 c45 Darkangel13456
When you do the conversation between obi wan and Luke after Yoda dies will you do a flashback to the duel obi wan has with Vader in regards to Vader saying Anakin in dead?
5/15 c45 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story
5/15 c45 Darth revan1998
Excellent job keep up the good work
5/15 c45 22edboy4926
Awesome chapter
5/14 c45 Guest
Amazing can’t wait for the next chapter
5/14 c45 Guest
Good job with this chapter, I really like the council putting their last hope in Luke Skywalker. The entire saga is about the Skywalker family and in the case of the original trilogy Luke Skywalker. You don't have to listen to all the demands by the other comments on what they want you to put in this story. You do what you think is best for this fanfic.
5/14 c45 Guest
What did you think about Tales of the Jedi. Will Dooku’s arc be included in this wonderful story.
5/14 c45 TK
Good chapter, so do the Jedi now think that Luke is the chosen one
5/14 c45 Guest
I Wonder what will hurt more for Anakin that he tortured his daughter or the fact that she considers Bail Organa her true father and that she hates Anakin more than anyone in the Galaxy.
5/14 c45 Uday Sra
5/14 c45 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter!
Looking forward to reading much more!
5/14 c45 3BlazerRaylock
And like all karma, they jinxed it. Sheesh, these Jedi sure know how to keep tempting fate and the force to... at times toss the curveball at them.

All the same. Nice set, can't wait for Luke reveal, the end of Jabba at the next and the rest of the movie.

Keep up the great work!
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