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4/14 c28 17DS2010
I always like the Invisible hand it really showed the manipulations of Anakin
4/14 c27 DS2010
Figures Windu's first thoughts is to kill Anakin
4/14 c44 2ArrowForLife
So happy ur back
4/13 c29 Guest
Yeah, the Jedi screwed up. Anakin knows that Palpatine was no friend. Now.
4/13 c27 Guest
Poor Anakin! Wow, Padme told them the truth. That'll change the future. Mace Windu behaved like a jerk. Anakin felt remorse after her found out he was Vader.
4/13 c26 Guest
Anakin has a very good chance of not turning to the dark side. Mace Windu needs to calm down and think!
4/13 c22 Guest
Yeah, Rex and Obi-wan will need to restrain Anakin. If he sees Han Solo in the future. When he finds out Leia is his daughter. Han Solo will be on the endangered list.
4/13 c21 Guest
I loved Han's thoughts on Leia asking if it would help if she got out and pushed. Love you, Carrie Fisher! She added that to her script.
4/13 c20 Guest
Yeah, Admiral Ozzel was very stupid. Piett got promoted and deserved it. Vader choked him for being clumsy and stupid. Piett was wise to fear Vader. Vader respected him though.
4/13 c19 Guest
Okay, Anakin's reaction to that kiss, along with Padme's and Obi-wan's, was funny. And that Admiral was very stupid! Piett earned that promotion. Vader choked him for being so STUPID!
4/13 c11 Guest
The fight on the Death star had nothing on the one in Revenge of the Sith. THAT was epic!
4/13 c4 Guest
The Jedi are in for some surprises.
4/13 c3 Guest
Yes, you're Luke's father.
4/13 c2 Guest
Yeah, this is much better.
4/13 c1 Guest
Much better than what you wrote originally. I thought you had an unique story idea. That you needed to execute it better.
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