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for What the Future Holds

4/13 c1 Guest
Much better than what you wrote originally. I thought you had an unique story idea. That you needed to execute it better.
4/12 c26 17DS2010
Damn the truth willed out
4/12 c25 DS2010
oh this the best part
4/12 c44 Guest
Amazing can’t wait for the next chapter
4/12 c23 DS2010
into the fire our intrepid Jedi go
4/12 c19 DS2010
Loved the reaction to the kiss scene
4/12 c16 DS2010
I loved the scene on Lothal
4/12 c15 DS2010
I loved the focus on Vader
4/12 c14 DS2010
Enjoyed the interlude with Ahsoka
4/11 c44 Trinity seven
It would be nice if you saw the Darth Vader scene in Jedi Fallen Order
4/11 c13 DS2010
Well done part 1.
4/11 c11 DS2010
I have to hand it to Obi-Wan taking his end with grace
4/11 c10 DS2010
Looks like the fight is on...
4/11 c44 15FleetingSpectre
no need to comment in every chapter DS2010
4/11 c8 17DS2010
sad about Alderaan
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