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5/14 c45 Guest
What did you think about Tales of the Jedi. Will Dooku’s arc be included in this wonderful story.
5/14 c45 TK
Good chapter, so do the Jedi now think that Luke is the chosen one
5/14 c45 Guest
I Wonder what will hurt more for Anakin that he tortured his daughter or the fact that she considers Bail Organa her true father and that she hates Anakin more than anyone in the Galaxy.
5/14 c45 Uday Sra
5/14 c45 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter!
Looking forward to reading much more!
5/14 c45 3BlazerRaylock
And like all karma, they jinxed it. Sheesh, these Jedi sure know how to keep tempting fate and the force to... at times toss the curveball at them.

All the same. Nice set, can't wait for Luke reveal, the end of Jabba at the next and the rest of the movie.

Keep up the great work!
5/14 c45 Mexishark
OH yea... i forgot they already know that they had twins, So its not going to be a surprise to them like it was to us in Return of the Jedi. I hope you include bits of Bad Batch or at least the destruction of Kamino to show how screwed the Clones got. Or the fights that were in Obi Wan...still not a bad show.
5/14 c45 Lord Halcyon
Another great chapter, can't wait for more!
5/14 c45 5Gamelover41592
Excellent work on this chapter
5/12 c19 Guest
I can only imagen their reactions when the truth of luke and leia being brother and sister is revealed.
5/8 c44 1SUPERGoku-Earth22
Love your stuff keep it up
5/8 c44 Guest
I am so happy your back just ignore the rude and demanding comments I have been reading this story for years and I came back to read it again and just found a new chapter you made my day I hope you won’t give up on it again but I understand if you do wish you good health
5/8 c44 guest0404
Some moments that would be amazing for you to write about after you are done with "Return of the Jedi" would be when Ahsoka makes her appearance in "The Book of Boba Fett" and when she has her conversation with Luke. And some other good moments would be when Anakin and Ahsoka meet in the World Between Worlds and they relive her memories of the Clone Wars.
5/7 c44 Guest
Oh wow, I didn’t expect this to revive. Woohoo. Can’t wait to see the conclusion
5/6 c44 Maks
Автор ты где ?
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