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5/4 c8 beam01
I have gotten hooked on this story. Please continue.
4/19 c8 Mr Winter
Oh my you got the intensity prize...you rock!
4/9 c8 Guest
Whoa that chapter was intense, smooth How you put everyone’s life in its respectable place even when it’s painful. Hope there will be more :)
3/31 c8 Vanilla
I LOVE IT. It is so intense. I can totally picture this tormented Jane. This is really a wonderful story
3/23 c8 Don quichotte
Well...I’m dying to see them really together ...I like painful relationships but at some point it has to...burn:-) like passion. Anyway beautiful story I love it. I’m going to read when you post
3/10 c8 Bovary
Thank you for this story. Awesome!
2/24 c8 Sunshine
Thank you for the update
2/10 c8 River P
The plot is still so interesting . I’ m definitely hooked , your characters are complex it’s perfect .
2/10 c8 janeandmaura05
and then jane does wat jane does best and leaves and runs away
2/4 c8 Guest
Welcome back! Cant wait to see where this goes. Keep up the good work!
2/6 c8 sally rally
Uh oh! What's going on?
2/5 c8 Louise Hess
hmmm is Jane pregnant too cannot wait for an update
2/5 c8 burglover421
Twins lol
2/5 c8 sweetkid45
Awesome Chapter
1/28 c7 River P
Thanks for sharing simply beautiful
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