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7/27 c5 carooleemt
Enjoying this immensely . Looking forward to seeing more.
7/23 c5 Jupiter
This is an intriguing story. I love the place you have started from. Its very well written and I love the dialogue, tho I can’t help thinking that Jane is using language more like Maura. Nevertheless I do love the story. Loved the bit where Jane wakes up to find her mother in bed with her! Looking forward to the next update - hurry please ;)
7/22 c5 Bovary
Can’t wait for more :)
7/21 c4 toplessbottom
I can't read this. I'm interested in the story line, for sure, but Jane's dialogue sounds more like (typical) Maura than (this) Maura's dialogue does. It's not how Jane talks, kinda offputting for her character.
7/21 c5 Barbie7088
Please update soon. Can't wait for more
7/21 c5 burglover421
Is Maura that flicker of hope?
7/20 c5 20MarCor3
Ugh, these cliffs I tell ya...(Lol)
Anyway, wow Agent Davies is dead and Jane had eloped with him six months prior - woah now?!
Glad Nina showed up to Jane's place unannounced but welcomed all the same...
Hm, what was the item that Jane is showing Nina as she says 'she would NEVER take her life' ...?

Puzzling read, Purple - Thanks for the update...
7/20 c5 Scoundrel73
Why does it seem Jane talks like Maura?
7/20 c5 sally rally
Oh man! What happened? Poor Jane. Can't wait to see what she showed Nina.
7/20 c5 Louise Hess
hmm . . . awaiting next Chapter and Thank you for sharing
7/20 c5 janeandmaura05
coz of her love of maura
7/15 c4 Don quichotte
Omg totally love the story! Please write some more :) I love from the beginning of story to where it is now! So I’ll be watch out for your next update :))
7/8 c4 Sunshine
More is needed;) can’t wait for them to begin to heal it’s a great storyline.
7/6 c4 Scoundrel73
Woah wall to wall babies? Maura's going to need help. Jane sounds defeated and drained. It appears that they should be happy but hit rock bottom.
7/6 c4 burglover421
ok something bad happened to Jane
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