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7/30 c7 Guest
this is kinda dissapointing? Her Revan style training made her mind more durable than this, this was included solo because the author underestimates remans training and wanted to force a drama scene. simply sad...
7/21 c10 Guest
I find this chapter to be a fair bit conflicting.

It's not bad, far from it, but there still doesn't seem to he a reason for Taylor to hang out with Sophia, let alone actually like her. Especially since she had the whole 'is literally only interested in violence' epiphany, along side her own breakdown when she realised she'd drunk from the Dark Side far too much, which is pretty much Sophia's MO 24/7.

Then there's how everyone else seems to be ignoring Sophia's actions. Would the PRT/Protectorate be better off taking that sort of stance with the other criminals in town? Absolutely. Does that change that Sophia is (at the very least) an accessory to murder, constantly violent, and a vigilante? Not. One. Bit.

And Taylor acting as if she was wronged after she picked a fight? That's just outright ridiculous. Attempting to sway public opinion lasts about as long as it takes for the PRT to upload Armsmaster's body cam footage showing her stepping into the middle of everything, telling a criminal to run, and presenting a challenge.

So many good parts (especially the conflict itself, and the debriefing) spoiled by bits that seem like you slapped them in because you thought they sounded cool without actually thinking about they meant.
7/20 c6 Guest
I very nearly stumbled, she was…hot.

Yes. I too am incredibly attracted to people who sit by and watch as my childhood friend gets threatened. Mmmm, really turns me on.

6/29 c10 ExiaDark
Absolutely wonderful story! Can't wait for the next update!
6/27 c10 16The Dark Warden
6/17 c10 2ranma hibiki
SO MUCH emotion packed in to that one single "wut?" poor Simurgh xD

step one of..no, more like step 4 of the prank war with armsmaster will involve giving him a Hitler-Stach D
(step 1 is finding his predictable((Efficient)) routes, 2 an 3 are very minor pranks to guage his response time and and reaction P)
6/16 c10 Boundless Scholar
absolutely great work.
i love the style that you include in your stories.
is there any chance that Taylor will form a thrupple with herself, Emma, Sophia. there chemistry is quite goodthe jeloisy could be spun that Emma also wantes to spend time with sophia but felt leaft out.

ps: have you thought about using the Matukai training techniques so Taylor can teach Emma force sensitivity?
6/14 c10 Blazinglowe2491
that ending had me in stitches
6/12 c10 2Mugen-Muse
Well, getting shot in the butt is probably better than just about anywhere else. Though I imagine the PRT as well as the Protectorate are not thrilled with the price paid for the intel they've gained.

Heh, I wonder if those feeling especially spiteful will try to be super polite during the next Black Friday sale.

Hm, I guess Armsmaster had better pray that Sentinel doesn't have to follow through with her promise of a prank war.
6/11 c10 3Noxim
god, that pho section at the end was hilarious. can't wait for the next chapter
6/10 c10 Guest
sailor moon/SAO: generals live, inner's salt, og/crystal mix, live feed, Mamo&Usa same age
Mamoru and Usagi were beta testers and and take charge at the beginning cause they could tell no one else was gonna, amusingly no one asks them their age till later on. Kirito's protag burden gets shared by by Mamo&Usa. The two's crystals save all the players, the world realizes who and how when SM&TK appear. The generals also watched the feed and are not happy when they realize SM&TK are two of the SAO quartet, they are not happy at the cat or inner's for using two sorta traumatized kids.
6/9 c10 3Dalan777
I'm sorry, did the simurgh(winged_one) just blue screen because she couldn't read Taylor? Cause if so, that's fricken hilarious. Looking forward to the next chapter and the inevitable prank rivalry between Tay and Mouse.
6/8 c10 yrfgd

Love the ending of the PHO segment.

Glad to see you back in the saddle (writers chair)
6/7 c10 Vipermagi
Sentinel_Official (Verified Cape)
Don't worry about it too much, my sensei assures me that Hunter/Killer droids typically obey their master's orders to the letter and I like to consider myself to be pretty firmly morally grounded for a teenager.


No context necessary, that right there basically stands on it's own.
6/7 c10 64Pyeknu
Wow, a snarky Taylor/Revan mixture with Sophia and Emma as extra spice. Nice...!
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