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5h c8 T-MikeyD
Okay yeah, that ending was funny as hell. Yeah, things are gonna get hilariously complicated. I kinda figured Emma was gonna jump on Taylor soonish with the way she culted up with SS in canon and Taylor's semi-possessive language in this and the previous chapter. Just not this soon. Nice chapter, though
5h c8 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
6h c8 anthonym3
... hopefully the cool force powers retake center stage soon... Taylor romance seems pretty weird in Worm this early in the story...

In any case, please update again soon.
7h c8 11chm01
Yeah, things are about to become stupid
12h c8 PerrinA
Love this chapter. Especially the "mature" response to her master.

Jiminy Cricket indeed.
14h c8 4tf330129
Keep it up
15h c8 3aidansidhe
Taylor: But Sophia is hot!
Revan: She's bad and you should feel bad.
Taylor: Fuck.
15h c8 riveg
HAH! Even the MC is starting to get awareness or the Idiot-Ball Jugglers Convention... but there is still MUCH for Taylor to learn of the GrimDerp that is Worm.
9/25 c7 TheUnknowableOne
Thanks for the chapter, I've enjoyed the story thus far!
9/25 c5 TheUnknowableOne
Violence, violence is what is going to happen.

Damn, that's a savage one-liner.
9/14 c7 pallendin pie
this is new
9/9 c7 Hotshot6
There is much Irony in the current and previous chapter. Especially when you consider that in another timeline Sophia was her tormentor. Now she's gonna be a long term booty call.
9/8 c7 1dreaddragonknight
Yep 2 peas in a pod those 2
9/8 c6 dreaddragonknight
Well that escalated to lethal faster the expected considering her non lethal mode on her lightsaber was specifically brought up in this chapter
9/8 c5 dreaddragonknight
Ah Force visions, that is one way to go about changing shit for the better
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