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for IT'S NOT ME: Sequel Of Undercover Slibbs

1/11/2021 c14 dmvan
I really like Gibbs, Jack, Tony & Phineas together!

Awwww, Tony misses the headslaps.

I didn't even think about Tony perhaps not liking Phineas because of who is mother was.

Tony taking a page from Nick's book.

Fornell tried to warn them, but now they're all in a heap of trouble and no one suspects a thing.
12/11/2020 c13 dmvan
Ahh, Tony, I've missed you greatly!

I think Phineas is too smart for his own good! :-)

Once a flirt always a flirt!

SO glad Gibbs and Tony made up. I had tears in my eyes too. Don't like my guys fighting.

Wow, Gibbs telling Tony he was the best and Gibbs was proud of him was really huge!

I guess we'll see if Tony can convince Gibbs to tell Sloane!
11/20/2020 c12 dmvan
I am SO glad it was just a dream. I have to admit I would have been really upset if it wasn't!

Yeah, he DEFINITELY needs to talk to Grace.

"I want to do this for you Gibbs for my whole life." How sweet!

Yay, Phineas. What a wonderful surprise!

No screens. Ha Ha Ha!

Awww, Tony!

Gibbs, Tony and Phineas. Oh, the trouble those three can get into.

Looking forward to Tony meeting Jack!
11/19/2020 c12 377Theresa471
Excellent chapter...I can't wait for more...
10/30/2020 c11 dmvan
Awwwww, McGee.

I can understand everyone's guilt, but they all needed to talk, and hopefully will start feeling less guilty now!

Ooooooo, a special visitor for Gibbs . . .
10/28/2020 c11 Theresa471
Wonderful chapter.. I can't wait for the next...
9/29/2020 c10 dmvan
Awww, the Gibbs and Bishop reunion! They both really needed that. Now they hopefully won't have any more nightmares!

McGee and his cats!

That was really hard to read what they went through.

You wonder how anyone could survive a beating like that.
9/9/2020 c9 dmvan
Waiting to find out if someone you love is alive or not is the hardest thing.

Yep, scars from previous injuries are a very good clue to someone's identity, so YAY to Jimmy for putting those clues together (lungs, no scar from bullet in the chest or knee)!

"But DiNozzo and I prefer to call you Probie, Elf Lord." Awwwww.

I'm getting misty eyed at the personal questions they asked and his answers. Such memories . . .

Gibbs was back to his kids and family. Awwwwww.
8/27/2020 c8 dmvan
I just KNOW it can't be Gibbs that was killed. I don't think any of them would recover from that.

The waiting and the not knowing is the scary part, though.

Nick is so worried about Ellie.

And the Gibbs/Henry survivor is still in bad shape . . .

Jimmy to the rescue to hopefully get the answers we all need!
8/11/2020 c7 Mojave01
Okay, this is really good...but I need more! :-) Thank you.
8/10/2020 c7 dmvan
Oh, no, where did they take Bishop?

I hope Kasie found something good, because they need all the help they can get.

Yeah, they really should have told Vance.

Poor Gibbs.

'The Lasso of Truth," Ha Ha Ha

I hope Sloane is right and they're at Gibbs' house.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/24/2020 c6 dmvan
I sure hope it's Gibbs in the hospital and not the clone.

I still am mad at Torres and Nick for what they did to Gibbs. Even if they thought they knew what he did, they are still federal agents and should have just arrested him instead of beating the crap out of him.

Oh, nooooo, it isn't Gibbs, and he's headed for Bishop's room . . .

And yes, where is the REAL Gibbs?
7/23/2020 c6 10Cat C
I'm sorry but although this story is interesting - it's quite difficult to read because of so many grammatical errors and the Flashback in this chapter is impossible to read - It's basically one very long run on sentence. Please get someone to beta read your work before you post again and redo this chapter. Just because you're writing a flashback doesn't mean to single space every sentence and not have any spaces at all.
7/18/2020 c5 Yasmin.ncis
Amazing as always!
7/11/2020 c5 haneenleroy2018
great words from a great soul you are really a great writer and this story is the best story about NCIS I have ever read keep writing you are amazing love your story so much
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